3.7 5 0 7 7 This salon quality brow shaping kit allows you to shape, soothe, fill and go! It includes the popular Nad’s Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper, Brow Pencil and post wax Moisture + Soothing Balm.
Nad's Natural Hair Removal Ultimate Brow Shaping Kit
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Could be better
I bought this thinking how convenient it would be, unfortunately it wasn't as great as I had hoped. The wax doesn't spread nicely and it clogs easily. I wouldn't buy again, sorry.
I found this so easy to use! Didn't hurt too much and was easy to apply and remove. I like that it is an all-in-one kit.
Ok if you have no access to a brow bar
I was excited to try this but have to say its harder than it looks to get your brows neat and even using this kit. I threw the rest of mine out after one application and now happy to go back to my local brow bar to get them sorted.
Great product
Easy to use,Pretty presice. Not as good in a warmer climate as wax stays warmand doesn't cool down enough to harden. Overall pretty good though.
Good product
Its a very good kit for doing your eyebrows at home but it seems to be a little bit harder than you would think to use
Nads abit of alright
This product was good and did the job but the pen just isn’t as easy to use to apply the wax on eyebrows. Looks great on packaging but it’s just a little tricky I find anyway.
The wax is the best part
The wax applicator, the reusable strips and the afterwax care are the best parts of this kit. I was not a fan of the pencil (it was a very hard product to use - literally stiff and felt like I was poking my face rather than drawing). The applicator is extremely easy to use, gentle on the skin, the strips are fuss-free (and easy to wash), if you make a mistake you simply wash your face and it all comes away. And once you're done, you treat your skin! Easy-peasy!

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