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Nando's Coat 'n Cook Lemon & Herb
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I found this in Coles last month and coated some chicken drumsticks, which turned out so well. The coating didnt come off like most coating does, and tasted SO good!
was very simple to use best to use it just like a normal marinade the longer u leave it on the better it tastes :) and its not overly spicy they need to have some extra extra hot versions like their sauces
This sounda nice and it's good to have something different..would love to try it.
I bought this last week with my partner, fantastic! We are buying it again to use this weekend at our BBQ
I absolutely love, love, love this. When making a roast chicken, I coat the outside with this, then stuff the chicken with a lemon cut in half. Amazing!
We keep this in our pantry, so easy to use and tastes fantastic.
Very Very Yummy, what more could be said. Good flavour, good seal to the chicken.
Sooooo Good !!! Its tangy and Yummy !! Good for a weekday meal as well as a weekend barbeque !! Excellent when you are bored with regular food and what a new awesome change to ur meals
i have tried this and it is Delicious i would buy this product over and over again!!!
I havent tried this but would love to. I love Nandos and have used some of their other sauces and most of them are just perfect!
This looks like it would be a great product to test as I have never tried it before but would love to see what its like! This would be perfect for Christmas roast!
Love chicken but i usually stick to simple spices. And I have never tried any of the nandos range so im very interested
ALl other Nandos products are delicous, im sure this would be also...if only i can try it out!
I love Nando's products and I would love to try out Nando`s Coat `n Cook - Lemon & Herb for recommendation.
I would definitely try this product. Periperi chicken is so flavoursome and having the opportunity to flavour up the chicken at home would be a bonus too. I would cook it on my webber to give a slight smoky taste as well. Would love to survey this...

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