5 5 0 26 26 Nanna's homestyle taste, rhubarb & apple crumble with real fruit.
Nanna's Homestyle Taste Rhubarb & Apple Crumble
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Love nannas
This brand makes the best deserts I tried this one I do prefer apple but it’s a personal choice
Will never make homemade again. Loved the Apple one & this with rhubarb is also a winner. Easy for the oven or microwave too. Bought it from Aldi (same name, more up to date packaging).Serve it with Aldi vanilla icecream....mmmm
would love to try,havnt tasted a homestyle rhubarb and apple crumble in years
Sounds very yummy as I love rhubarb so mixed in with the apple crumble sounds a great combination. Will have to look for it in the supermarket at my next shop
Have yet to try this one but have tried the Apple Crumble and was pleasantly surprised. Usually prefer my pies freshly baked, but you don`t know until you try so will look out for this one at the grocery store next time. It doesn`t hurt to keep a few frozen desserts in the freezer for those "just in case" moments!
sounds great would love to test but I might buy before I can get home sample test sent
it sounds real good i love the combitation of those fruits togeather
Pretty convenient and almost like home made, good for unexpected visitors or when you are pressed for time. Other then that I would prefer to bake it myself.
My mum loves this! I think she would eat it all on her own, given the chance!
Love Nanna`s pies so I`m sure this will become a favourite of mine!
Rhubarb and apple make a great combintion but I would rather bake a crumble myself as its faster and healthier than buying it from nannas. Still I would buy this for the flavour combination alone if I wasnt a hobby baker!
I love this with vanilla ice-cream on top. Taste is awesome
This is amazing! I got it for my nanna and we shared it between us, needless to say I hardly got any ;) Quite reasonably priced too.
This brings back memories. I know what I`m putting on my shopping list this weekend!
Cant wait to try this one, the others are delicious and this one looks like it will be too.

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