Nestle Milkybar Hot Chocolate

3.7 5 0 37 37 Indulge yourself in the flavour of a confectionery classic with Milkybar hot choc, a delicious creamy white hot choc inspired by Milkybar. Prepared with the goodness of milk, this hot choc goes down a treat.
Nestle Milkybar Hot Chocolate


Better for milkshakes
I used as a hot chocolate drink but was not a fan. But used it on my milkshakes and felt much better.
Incredibly sweet!
My husband and I don't mind sweet things but this was just far too much. We made it according to directions but found the sugary taste too overpowering to enjoy. On the plus side, my son loved it and asked for another! I would say to avoid unless you re one of those types of people who adds sugar to a hot chocolate.
Nice flavour
I added this to my coffee was a nice smooth and creamy taste
It's alright
I've only ever had one and I can't say that I loved it but at the same time it wasn't bad.
Horrible White Chocolate Drink
I have always wanted to try an instant white chocolate drink, but this is far worse than I thought. The white chocolate drink basically just tastes like a sweetener and lacks of white chocolate fragrance. Also, the product suggests making it with milk. However, I tried both with and without milk, it was a really bad outcome. I never thought of the final taste could be like this. Never going to buy again!
Not as good as i had hoped
Very weak flavour and don’t like it needs to be made with all milk.
I’ve tried this really like it sometimes it gets a little sweet that’s okay as a great taste will buy again
Not the best
I have tried this, too be honest to me it doesn't taste like much. All I can mostly taste is just hot water, unfortunately I will not be buying this
Best Home Hot Chocolate
This is hands down the best hot chocolate I've ever had at home. Absolutely delicious!
White chocolate dream
I really expected a more milky bar hit with these drinks however it tastes just like a white hot chocolate drink to me. I found 1 sachet fairly weak and added 2 next time and found it much more enjoyable
I am a lover of white chocolate, this was a great treat for the cold nights we have been having. It taste just like the bar, kids loved it too. Would recommend.
Quite Surprising
I was quite surprised at just how good it tasted and how much it tasted like white chocolate just wanted it will be a great addition to my treats cupboard and people who like chocolate should trying!
Improvised !
it's not too bad as a hot chocolate but tastes even better when used to make a milkshake !
So yum
My son loves this product. It’s his favourite hot drink
It tast so so good I've givin up coffee for milky bar hot drink,but the only thing is the colour it looks like snot

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