3.9 5 0 16 16 Gently and effectively dissolves all traces of dirt, oil and makeup in seconds. Patented formula is so effective, it easily removes even waterproof mascara. Leaves skin thoroughly clean with no heavy residue, so there's no need to rinse. Use daily for clean, fresh, makeup-free skin in one easy step.
Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser
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Clean Skin!
I love a foaming cleanser, smells great and leaves skin feeling clean!
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Wouldn’t recommend this cleanser
Neutrogena foaming cleanser comes in a nice pale blue bottle with a pump. The product dispenses well and the size of the product is generous and affordable. The scent is quite mild so would probably not be an issue for people who are sensitive to heavily scented products. Unfortunately for me the product itself was not useful. Firstly foaming cleansers are known to significantly dry out the skin by aggressively stripping skin of natural oils. My partner and I both felt after using the facewash that we immediately needed to use a moisturiser to rehydrate our surface skin. Also this particular product did cause a reaction with my skin resulting in me breaking out in a huge number of tiny pustules over my forehead area. So unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone after my negative experience.
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Gentle, effective cleanser
I couldn't be more impressed with this cleanser! It removes my long lasting makeup with ease but is still so gentle on my skin. One of the only cleansers that doesn't make my skin red, tight and itchy after using it. This product is just as good as the one I used to use which was $60+ My skin is so smooth and blemish free, I love it!
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A great easy-to-use cleanser
I really liked this cleanser - it removed my make up so well and is really easy to use. All you need to do is lather up the gel and it starts foaming to cleanse your skin. It has a great fragrance and left my skin feeling soft without drying it out.
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Not too bad!
Not as foamy as expected, more gel like. Small amount goes a long way so don’t need much which is good. Cleanses off make up well. After a few days of use I found my skin feeling a little dry. But if you have normal skin it’s fine.
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Very very happy
Was great to use. Made my face so soft and left no trace of any makeup
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It stinks and burns your eyes!
Neutrogena's Fresh Foaming Cleanser smells very much like chemicals, the smell is strong and overwhelming. At first I was reluctant to use it for concerns about what it would do to my skin! Ultimately I tried it and it was ok. It was best when I didn't have makeup on and I had to wash my face with it twice if I was wearing make up as one wash wasn't enough to remove all my makeup. I was skeptical about using it to remove eye makeup but did (because it was a product trial, otherwise I wouldn't have). It stung my eyes and I was barely able to open them for a good 5 minutes, despite flushing them with water! Overall, it was an average cleanser, less than average make up remover and terrible eye make up remover!
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Great cleanser
Foams really well, washed all my makeup off in one go. Smells lovely and left my skin feeling great
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Clean Feel
The foam cleaner made my skin feel really clean and new.
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Doesn't dry skin
There is a really gentle cleanser that doesn't dry my skin out, yet leaves it super fresh
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Fresh and clean
Neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser removed dirt and oil from my skin with drying it out. My skin felt refreshed and clean. The foam was light, it was easy to spread over my face and neck so no areas were missed
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Pump Action Face Cleanser
I do like a foaming cleanser as it makes my skin squeaky clean. This product doesn’t disappoint. I also like the pump action bottle. It is a good face cleanser for people with oily skin.
This is a very nice product. My skin felt so smooth after using it. I did find it couldn't remove my eye make up but alot of products don't. Had a very mild fragrance and felt nice to use.
Not for sensitive/dry skin
Mildly scented, foams decently. Cleans well as with most foam cleansers, however also felt dry on my skin after. I have dry and sensitive skin to begin with, so this probably just doesn't work for my skin type.
Great cleanser
This is an amazing cleanser! It foams and cleanses very well. It always leaves me with a fresh and clean feeling face, and it really does leave a nice glow.

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