Nexba Watermelon Sugar-free Iced Tea

4.5 5 0 46 46 This one’s a classic for a reason. It’s breezy, refreshing and sophisticated. Clean and smooth with a heavenly, I-want-more cool watermelon finish. This was Nexba’s first ever creation, so you know we’ve put a lot of love into it. No wonder it’s such a crowd pleaser!
Nexba Watermelon Sugar-free Iced Tea


Refreshing Summer drink
Love this for summer with some ice and when I’m struggling to drink water I’ll mix this in a water bottle and drink so much more! Haven’t tried cocktails yet but I’m sure that would be delish!
Refreshing, Perfect summers beverage
Watermelon flavour is delightful. Refreshing and light on the belly. No added sugar is a bonus. Serve on ice to cool down on summers day
Fresh and Light
Nexbo's Iced Tea is fresher and lighter than other iced teas on the market, and has a great and interesting choice of flavours to pick from. It has become the preferred iced tea brand for my household!
Has a unique taste unlike most other ice teas. Watermelon and mint with the undertone of black tea. Refreshing and pleasant. Will buy again. It is a bit expensive though.
Go to Ice Tea
Great ice tea if you're looking for something with low sugar but still lots of flavour. It is now my go-to drink to take to the movies.
So good!
This was so good when I was having an upset stomach and needed to settle. No super sweet but a good low fizz to help calm my stomach. Really good natural watermelon taste not the artificial ones
I was able to drink this when I had gestational diabetes when pregnant. It was so delicious and refreshing and it's now a weekly staple!
my go to iced tea
very delicious & refreshing. love that it's super low cal and has no nasties.
Good but bitter
Great drink , has a great refreshing taste but is slightly bitter , still an awesome drink to pick up if you need something fresh to smash down on a walk or a run
Just ok
As with all products of this brand I do not find the quality at all
Sweet tooth fix
Love the flavour but personally found it a bit too sweet. Tastes better when it is watered down with soda water etc.
Yum Yum!
Loved this drink! I’m already a fan of the nexba iced tea range so it came as no surprise this was delicious! I did find I could only have a bit at a time because of its moorishness
I've always liked flavoured cold tea drinks, this is nice and refreshing and less sugar means less calories and helps with diabetes.
I find this drink so refreshing and tasty without feeling guilty as it's sugar free.
so delicious!
I discovered this about a year ago and haven’t looked back, tastes so good while being guilt free because there’s no sugar!

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