4.8 5 0 76 76 No Vac is the revolutionary answer to unsavoury carpet smells. Simply spray a light foam over the carpet after vacuuming and leave to dry. Unlike conventional powders that sit on the surface, No Vac’s quick-drying foam penetrates deep into carpet fibres, instantly neutralising odours. You can see it work as it disappears into your carpet. In about 5 minutes your carpet is dry and your whole room smells naturally fresh and clean.
No Vac Carpet Sanitiser & Deodoriser
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No vacuum
Tried all these cans in this line and love it, love the smell and it really works without any elbow grease, have recommended this product over and over again to family and friends, I have a animal and you can’t even tell I have any. Great product
clean and fresh
love this product and i will try the other one too.....leaves the house smelling nice and brings out the real colour of the carpet (which is quite old and stained) and has lifted them to looking cleaner than before and i still vac after....it brings out how clean the carpets/rugs are
This is something I horde. I forever have at least 4 or more in my cupboard. I have pets and a child and just people in general. We are all smelly creatures. It gives the house such a wonderful boost of freshness between cleaning bouts. Important so and so coming to dinner, for a meeting or just a friend popping round? Out it comes and I hit everything with it if it's fabric and sits still long enough. I cannot believe how well ijt works and the fragrances are lovely. They're truly strong at first. A real slap in the face if you weren't expecting it but throw a window open and that soon is solved. I don't ever want to think of life without it.
I do think this is a good product good smelling and does stick to materials and makes them smell fresh for a few days ...Although I used the Fresh pet which is suppose to remove pet odours ..Have had the smell of cat from previous owners lingering since we moved in and still yet to get rid of the smell ..Great deodorizer though
Very good smell
Love this product. I did use a few times already and it does a great job and smell is amazing. I always make sure I have it home. Reasonable price. I did try 2 different smell
The best antibacterial great smelling carpet sanitiser
I have been using this on my carpets for years. I love the scents and have tried most of them my favorite though would be the garden breeze smells like fresh flowers and berries. I especially love doing a vaccume then spraying this just adds a extra comforting smell to the home. I also get a sense of of comfort that it is antibacterial as I have toddlers and often change their happiest on the carpet.
What an awesome product, Great smell, easy to use, doesn't effect the carpet. Nice fresh burst of scent that sticks around for a while. Can get on your hands when using as occasionally it foams to close to the nozzle i'm guessing if it gets blocked and if it gets on tiles by accident or feet it can become sticky. Overall though this product is the bees knees of carpet deodorisers. I'm in love. Costly for the area it covers but worth it when its on special :)
great product
love this product, puts a nice smell through the house when used, great for carpets that dog, animals go on
Quick and easy
Have used a couple of times and it does smell great. Only downside is the smell doesn't last very long at all. Having kids and pets i find I keep spraying every other day. Not the cheapest spray so only buy occasionally.
No Vac Sanitiser
I love this product. I always make sure I have a can at home and use it on everything it allows me to. The carpets and upholstery always smells divine after using it and we have inside pets so this little beauty keeps my house smelling and looking fresh.
Amazing product!!
We use this product at work in childcare. After a long day or if there have been any accidents, the carpet can smell really bad. Spraying no vac onto the carpets make them smell and look new! Love this product!!
Really enjoy the smell, great to freshen up the house before visitors arrive or just to use occasionally
LOVE this stuff
I recently bought this for the first time and it's fabulous, I just love it, the smell of this product is really nice and it can be used on carpets, clothe lounges and curtains, and having a dog in the home 24/7 the pet one is just as good as the other versions, while ever I have my dog inside I will be buying this product forever.
Perfect pee fighter
With 2 kittens who used the carpet as their toilet a few too many times, this product was a perfect pee fighter. I tried so many other products but this one was definitely the best. Destroyed the odour and left the house smelling great too!
This product is ok. I purchased it to spray on the carpet because we have a dog who lives inside...you get the gist. The spray didn't foam up as it was supposed to, and the scent wasn't all that fabulous. It did the job though.

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