4.6 5 0 57 57 Experience Shin Ramyun – soft and chewy noodles in a spicy, flavourful broth, ready to eat in just 5 minutes. It’s a snack that is affordable, delicious and nutritious. Produced from farm-fresh produce, premium quality grains and the finest blend of spices, you’re guaranteed a distinctive and delicious aroma and flavour.
Nongshim Shin Ramyun Noodle Soup
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very hot
my husband bought these to try the other day they are affordable easy to prepare nice texture but the spices were way to hot for me but my husband enjoyed them
Very affordable and nice, its hot and pleasant to eat
These are LEGIT
So yum! Great flavour, great amount of heat/spice. And super quick and easy to make. Great to add in a soft boiled egg and some greens on the side as a cheats meal for when you want something yum but can't be bothered!
Favourite Noodles!
A hit if you like your food hot and spicy. Love it on a cold day and usually top it with a fried egg. Great meal for vegetarians. For those that can’t handle too much spice, add some cheese or sweet soy sauce.
Really good
Fantastic for a hot lunch on a budget. Pretty spicy so definitely not for people who don't like the heat, but if you like spicy it's very good. Can be made in just a few minutes, but it needs to boil in a saucepan so not sure if this would be good for making at work.
Cant stop eating them
Packed with flavour, very spicy but i cant get enough of these instant noodles. Buying them in a multipack but only recently can find them in single packets but every brand of instant noodle is getting scarce.
Good for vegetarians.
This product is good for someone who is vegetarian and doesn't want a meat noodle soup, it's great tasting very spicy if you add whole sachet of seasoning, has less fat than some other packet noodles. I recommend this for people to try, it's not too costly either and you can add other ingredients to the dish aswell.
Lovvvveeee these. I love spicy foods so to me these are amazing. Not only are the noodles yummy but the broth is amazing. I get crusty bread and butter it and dip it in the broth like a soup. So good.
So hot
I wanted to enjoy these so badly but they were just too spicy and the heat overtook any other flavour
Good noodles, nice broth, personally too spicy for me. I guess you could titrate the seasoning.
Nice and spicy
We love these noodles nice and spicy quick and easy to make with great flavour
One of the best instant noodles ever, quick to make and delicious to taste. The spiciness is excellent.
love it
It is hot and spicy and I love it so much and it is my regular snack
Korean staple you just can't say no to.
While there are many brands of Korean instant ramyun out there, Nongshim is one of the famous and for good reason. The recipe has changed a little with more of the dried fillers included and the removal of the msg hasn't altered the abundance of flavour. It's got a great spicy kick to it that's easily addictive and makes it a fantastic comfort food. Strongly recommend dropping in a couple of eggs with the noodles to have runny yolks to cut through the spiciness of the broth. Makes for an abundant dish beyond your average instant noodles.
Delicious guilty pleasure
If looking for a fast snack/meal in the form of instant noodles, look no further than Shin Ramyun! This is my favourite instant noodle of all time - affordable, delicious with the perfect amount of spice and easy to jazz up with extra veggies.

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