4.7 5 0 17 17 The Nutri Ninja with Auto-iQ takes the guesswork out of drink making! Auto-iQ Technology features intelligent programs that combine unique, timed pulsing, blending and pausing patterns that do the work for you!
Nutri Ninja Blender
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Amazing blender! The blades are nice and sharp and the multiple settings ensure the machine isn’t over worked while getting a great consistency! I’m effect for making smoothies and baby food!
Want one
My old flatmate had one,unfortunately took it with them,I used it all the time,worked really well & easy to clean,I got to get one,I was definitely healthier when using it for 6months
Easy to Use
I always use this for my smoothies, purees and milkshakes without any chunks or unblended pieces. The speed is super fast and does the job very quickly. Just the noise is a bit loud other than that its perfect.
Good for smoothies
I love this product, it blends quite well. The cup size is decent and the motor quite powerful for such a small size. I would prefer smaller cups though as having to shake it multiple times to get the food stuff from the bottom of the cup is a bit painful (which is the reason for 4 stars not 5) but first world problems there.
Blends Quickly!
We recently bought this when our Nutra Bullet died and it has been brilliant! It is so easy to use and blends whatever you like super quick! Only slight downside it is pretty load and upsets my 1yr old whenever I turn it on. Other than that though I love it!
Easy to use and great equipment
It is a great product which is easy to operate and use and blends really well
This product is quick and easy to use. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t take up too much space and easy to move around from bench to bench or into a cupboard when not using but I love mine so much is doesn’t get packed away it’s used nearly everyday.
Ninja !
This ninja bullet , is very powerful , easy to use and makes delicious smoothies! Excellent product and worth the money spent
LOVE at first blend
Have had my blender for a couple years now so powerful quick and easy to use and a quick rinse to clean one of my best purchases ever. Use it for juicing,blending and at the moment smoothies. Highly recommend to anyone wanting a powerful quick blender.
Blends everything
Makes good smoothies blends everything well. Very easy to use but it is noisy, however its also quick to use so doesn't matter that much
Love it
Overall love the blender and it's ability to blend most items. Isn't the best with sticky, not quite wet itens as they get stuck but not sure if any blenders are. Very noisy. Would still recommend though
Great product - I use this at work about 20 times a day for cocktails and it definitely stands up to so much use would definitely recommend
This product literally saved my life, It processes all ingredients smoothly
Best blender
I love love love my Nutri ninja bullet. I use this for my shakes, to blend my little one’s baby food. My husband uses it for his chilli sauce (I don’t mix baby food and chilli containers of course) anything i need to blend it works perfect. Makes it all so creamy and a nice consistency. I will never change!
quick easy smoothies chops nuts and seeds easily in the kitchen makes life so easy in the kitchen I wouldn't be without mine

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