4.5 5 0 102 102 Not just your average hommus! This creamy and smooth hommus dip comes with a punch full of flavour with a centre full of sweet chilli which you can things up with!
Obela Sweet Chilli Hommus
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Twist on traditional
My favourite brand of hommus! This flavour is a really nice twist on the traditional. It is really creamy with a smooth texture. The sweet chilli is bang on flavour - and you can add as little or as much as you like.
Delicious product! I eat it straight from tub like ice cream.
This brand of Hommus is very nice with all it's flavours, I particularly like the plain one though. Sweet Chilli is a lovely flavour at any time, nice product!
My husband and kids love these flavoured hummus pots - they're all winners. The great hit of hummus with just that little something extra.
One of my favorite dips on the market to date.Love the different topping on the Hommus.
I grew up on hommus so I'm fussy about the taste and I really liked the mix of hommus and chilli, will be eating more of this.
This was a fantastic tasting product great twist to your regular hummus. Have tried all of the other flavours and we loved them all.
My 8 year old is a big hommus fan but not keen on sweet chilli. She finished this in one weekend. Loved it and so did I
I have tried it and loved it; the taste was smooth,creamy and just great!!
I was looking for something a bit different and the great colours attracted my attention, and I was glad it did!!! It was delicious, with a little kick!!!
This is the best hommus I have had. The toppings are sensational.
I loved it tastier than just pain hommus,my husband loves it too as he loves products with sweet chilli in them
So good i ate the whole tub by myself in a day. Not the best decision but i couldn't help myself!
Fabulous and spicy, not too hot, once opened though you can't stop eating
YUM YUM YUM! they also have single serves with rice crackers good for lunch snack! - best out there!

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