4.5 5 0 102 102 Not just your average hommus! This creamy and smooth hommus dip comes with a punch full of flavour with a centre full of sweet chilli which you can things up with!
Obela Sweet Chilli Hommus
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All of these hummus dips are awesome, we are fans of the balsamic and garlic one and have them all time!
something a bit different. Nice to have the added flavour of sweet chilli to hommus for a change. Sometimes hommus can be a little bland but this gives it a kick.
My husband loved this product.. It is smooth and creamy and the flavour is awesome.. Once you try it you will love it as much as us
I like hommus in general but it 's chilly more than u think but in a good way
If you don't have the time/energy to whip up your own, this is a great alternative. Definitely short-lister for hosting.
I loved the texture of the hommus and the chilli was a lovely addition
I liked the texture and flavour of the hommus and the sweet chilli sauce gave it a nice kick.
I love this hommus, I find plain hommus a bit boring so having the addition of sweet chilli mask it delicious.
I love hummus, and this one in particular and I also love Sweet Chilli. Had it yesterday on crackers with avocado and it was delicious.
It was bad. Just bad. You don't mess with hummus and I don't have a clue why you would mix it with something like sweet chilli even if you wanted to mix. Ick.
Sorry I didn't like this product, maybe it was the hommus texture, the one we got was quite grainy. The sweet chilli was good tho.
Love this hommus! So tasty. Great for a snack or sharing with friends!
My husband and I both love the Obela hummus with sweet chilli, and we have also tried the Tuscan flavor. They are both great as a dip or an accompaniment on a sandwich.
Good but pricey. Save for special occasions. I like the Aldi homebrand more as a basic
I never been a fan of hommus but decided to try this brand for something different on day & I have been converted - YUM! I love the capsicum one the best - so yummy on savoys or with vegie sticks! :)

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