4.3 5 0 3 3 Did you know that not all cranberries are red? In fact, some cranberries, depending on the amount of sun exposure they get and the air temperature, remain a beautiful, blushing pink colour. Ocean Spray Pink Cranberry Juice Drinks blend the full spectrum of Mother Nature’s cranberry colours for a lighter, crisper, more refreshing taste.
Ocean Spray Pink Cranberry Juice
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Yum alternative to traditional cranberry juice
I like to drink cranberry juice to assist with urinary health. This is a great way to mix it up as it's a milder flavour than the regular cran juice.
Something different
Quite a different taste to the original cranberry juice. Not quite as tart and a little on the sweet side in my opinion. Nice drink as an occasional drink but tends to be a bit much when you have it often.
Delicious and refreshing
This is such a refreshing drink. It's not too tart or too sweet.

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