4.5 5 0 19 19 Blue corn is famous in the Tarahumara mountains of Mexico. Discover a flavour like you've never had from tortilla chips!
Old El Paso Blue Corn & Sea Salt Tortilla Chips
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Funky chips
The purplish colour to these tortilla chips makes them jump out and invite you to eat them. They had a great crunch, just the right amount of salt, but really they are just a tortilla chip in another colour. I would buy again on special as they look great on the table or a platter with dips and munchies. I do recommend
Love 'em!
These are great! They taste just like traditional corn chips with the added excitement for the kids of purple chips. What's not to love? I don't think there is anything I would improve. I will continue to purchase.
Be a Mexi-Can and get on these
Love them, mix them with the regulars and have a Nachos that pops. looks the goods and the taste is great.
These are delicious tortilla chips! They taste exactly like regular tortilla chips except the colour is different. They're great for eating with my Mexican rice and perfect for dips as well as they're large enough and don't break that easily.
I loved these and so did my family. I used them for Nachos & also for Burrito Bowls. Beautiful colour & delicious taste.
Besides the interesting colour, the taste is pretty much the same as regular corn chips. They taste alright, but seems just a bit of a marketing ploy to me
They were ok, just found them to be a little dryer than other corn chips
These are yummy. I was surprised how good they are.
These are delicious and even great on their own. I use these instead of regular corn chips. Great taste a little on the salty side so dont add salt to what you will eat them with. Extremely delish with homemade salad salsa tomatoes cucumber avocado corn and a some lime or lemon squeezed in. YUM
Surprisingly delicious and Morrish love paired with avo or by themselves
I love corn chips! For this product, I found the blue corn to have a more corn like heaviness when you’re eating so you fill up faster! The flavor was good and similar to regular chips but it was more complex with a hint of sweet just like when you eat corn. I would recommend them to anyone that likes chips. They can be eaten by themselves, in nachos or with other dip! Not an overwhelming taste if you’re worried.
Love the vibrant colour of OLD EL PASO BLUE CORN & SEA SALT TORTILLA CHIPS. I had mixed them in with lighter coloured corn chips for a colour pop. Nice lightly salty taste too.
we used these to make nacho's they were a hit with the kids and adults alike
I really like these! Bit different from your normal corn chips. They have a nice sea salt flavour and crunch in your mouth. Although they are a little plain on their own , have them with salsa! So good.
look very pretty. used for a nachos. were a bit crumbly but tasty. I did use a heavy cheese so maybe that caused them to break up a bit. Will buy again and try with Guacamole

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