4.7 5 0 23 23 Oral-B Clinical mouthwash helps you get better dental check-ups by helping to prevent cavities, strengthen enamel and promote gum health, without the burn of alcohol.
Oral-B Clinical Alcohol Free Flouride Rinse
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Wow - had no idea a product could work so well
My dentist has put me on a serious cleaning regime and each night I have to brush, floss, use interdental brushes and mouthwash. I tried a few before I purchased this product. I cannot believe the amount of food particles it removes even after I have brushed, flossed and used the interdental brushes. This is now my preferred brand and I am going to stick with this one.
Great Flavour
I really enjoy this mouthwash and have gone through a couple of bottles of it. The flavour is actually quite pleasant and tastes almost sweet? Keeps my breath fresher for longer than other I've tried, will buy again when on special.
Good mouthwash
I really like this mouthwash as it doesn't burn and I feel so fresh after using it. I find the flavour nice it's a little aniseed mint like.
This is my favourite mouthwash leaves my mouth feeling fresh and smelling great for a long time
Clean and fresh
A clean fresh feeling and breath, one of the better mouth washs
oral B clinical mouthwash
Very refreshing mouthwash, was not too potent when gargling like some other mouthwash brands
All round brilliant
This mouth wash is brilliant because it doesn't burn or feel harsh on your mouth but leaves you with a very fresh, clean feeling. It also doesn't dry your mouth out like some other mouth washes can do.
Doesnt leave you feeling like y ou have rinsed
I like to feel as if the product is working in my mouth long after I have rinsed. THis does not leave that feeling, does not feel like you have used a quality prodcut.
Love! Now a staple
Love the no burn feel but knowing it’s just as effective as all the others. It’s definitely been my staple in my grocery shop!
Fresh mouth feeling
I personally love this mouth wash for a number of different reasons. It’s not hot and doesn’t burn your mouth (which most do) it does have a funny flavour to it but I’ve really noticed a difference in my teeth a month after using it. I’m extremely picky when it comes to mouthwash’s because I want one that will do everything it says. Definitely value for money! I will continue to buy this certain brand.
OralB Flouride Rinse
I wasn't sure if I will like the Flouride a Rinse, but after I've used it my mouth felt fresh and clean. Will keep buying this for sure.
Refreshing mouthwash
I found this mouthwash to be quite refreshing with the freshness lasting for quite a while. I would recommend this product if you use mouthwash.
This mouthwash still burns a little because of the minty flavour but i love the colour, the bottle, and how fresh it makes my mouth feel.
No Dry Feeling
Mouth and tongue are not dry from the alcohol. Not for people who expect some sort of tingling sensation.
Effecctive and gentle on the mouth
I have tried numerous mouthwashes in the past but find this one effective, has a great taste and is gentle in that it doesn't contain alcohol or sting.

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