4.4 5 0 111 111 Oreo Thins have the same amazing Oreo taste, they’re just a little thinner to give you the prefect bite size biscuit.
Oreo Vanilla Thins
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These go down WAY too easily 😍 fam fave for sure!!
Prefer this over the Original
I prefer this over the original size. The think is so much better than the original kind. It is so easy to eat and it is not too heavy in terms of flavours. If you put it in your bag, be careful because it is so fragile.
I enjoyed these a lot. I love how they're thin because I can eat more of them and they taste just like the original oreos, just with a bit more crunch to them!
These were on special for $1 a pack so I thought I'd try the tiramisu version. Although there's not many in the packet, they were really quite yummy and still good for dunking. It's probably a good thing it's only a small packet.
Oreo brand, for a boxed cookie, has always been a go to for me. Now the thins are the best, in my book. I tried these, in the vanilla crème and also the mint. The mint thins are a nice change. The vanilla I love. I've always gone for the crunchie cookie. I'm not fond of the double thick at all. These are the best choice if you like a crispy cookie. Plus, there has to be a difference in the amount of sugar intake since the center is considerably less. I didn't check further, but it makes sense. Definitely, if you like the regular oreos, and you want to taste more of the chocolate cookie, these are for you (and me)!
Love the crisp and crunchy texture. Not like the original but great for a change. Tried all flavours. Tiramisu is the best.
I love oreos but i think the filling is the best part and i feel like these are a tease! I dont get enough cream so it leaves me disappointed
Just like the original Oreo with a bit of vanilla flavour. The Thins make me feel less guilty to consume than the original. Overall Yumm love the Oreo Thin Vanilla flavour with a good coffee & book to read
Its nice and thin and not so rich like the original oreos. Just enough cream and cookie in one bite!
My son loved these as a snack - loved the 2 packs within the package we put one pack away for the next time he was having a treat
These taste exactly the same as the original oreos! I buy them for my kids (less chocolate) and for myself too.
Great little snack. Great balance of biscuit and cream.
I was hoping these would have the same amount of cream and less biscuit. I was disappointed, the cream is thin too. The biscuit is too thin to detach the traditional oreo way. But suffice for those on a diet.
Yummy, love the fact they are thin, the texture of them is like a dessert in biscuit form. Problem is that you can eat twice as many
both the kids and I enjoyed this new version of Oreo Cookies... The kids tried the lemon one and I had the Tiramisu. And they were gone really quickly as well... Loved it!

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