Organic Care Kids Tutti Fruitty Bubble Bath

4.5 5 0 11 11 Organic Care Kids Tutti Fruitty Bubble Bath has been repackaged, and is now available in a newly designed 400ml recyclable pack.
Organic Care Kids Tutti Fruitty Bubble Bath


Kids favourite
My kids have bubble baths at least a few times a week and due to one of them having sensitive skin I'm always cautious about what i use. Saw this in the supermarket and thought id give it a try. Smells nice, a little goes a long way and is gentle on skin.
Cute & Fragnant
This is a family favourite in our house! We started buying it in March 2020 when coronavirus was impacting product availability and our preferred brand was out of stock. We have kept buying it because it is Australian made, smells delicious, is affordable, gentle on the kids’ sensitive skin, contains no nasties and the kids just love the cute turtle character on the bottle. They always peel the label off the bottle and cut him out when it’s empty. They take it in turns keeping the turtle.
Our fav bubble bath
Absolutely love this. I once took a chance and bought this at big w as it said "bubble bath".My kids look forward to their bath time and i had froth making bath toy to enchance the bathfun but this is just perfect. Bubbles are great, a little goes a long way and best part pretty soft in siin. My younger one has sensitive skin thats pucking a right peoduct is crucial for me and as its vegan and has NO parabeans.. Naturally plant derived product it just makes it more likable.
So fun
The kids had an absolute ball with this product, highly recommend for children of all ages
It smells so good!
My husband and I went away one weekend and we had a spa bath in the place we were staying. I picked this up to use and it was the best purchase! So many bubbles, the smell was amazing and later I realised it is vegan so even better!
Not for sensitive skin
Our family generally has sensitive skin so I wouldn't recommend this to anyone else with sensitive skin as it left my kids skin itchy, dry and red. Smells good though. And bubbled up really nicely.
Worth every bubble and drop
Found this product great for my kids. The fragrances are lovely and my kids never have problems with this brand.
It is a staple in our house
My kids love this bubble bath and I repurchase it over and over. Excellent quality, affordable, and the scent is fantastic and foams up pretty well. Overall I would highly recommend it to mums, it is very gentle on the skin and the wallet.
Didn't really buy this for its organic qualities, its bubble bath, smells good and didn't irritate the kids skin or eyes so i'm happy. wouldn't pay full price though
Lasting Bubbles!
This is such a great bubble bath - lovely smell and makes great bubbles. It’s also gentle and not chemically (derived from plants).
This is a lovely bubble bath. It has a nice light smell and it bubbles really well and i find the bubbles actually last quite a long time so the kids get to enjoy the bubbles the whole bath.

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