4.6 5 0 284 284 Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Daily Moisture Renewal Conditioner. Your daily 3 minute miracle conditioner for dry hair. It helps repair 3 months of damage in 3 minutes. Recommended for dry & damaged hair due to regular heat styling.
Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Daily Moisture Renewal Conditioner
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3 minute miracle
Pantene 3 minute miracle conditioner is so nice for your hair, it leaves your hair smelling and feeling great. Your hair is smooth and shiny, I really like it and it's value for money is excellent.
Quick & Easy to use
When I first read about this product I thought reviewers were exaggerating. Now I can too say that I love this conditioner. In a matter of minutes my hair is conditioned and shiny. I'm on my second tube.
Hair yeah
What a great hair treatment. Just a few minutes for intensive moisturising to your hair. Yeah!
I used this as a quick treatment when I left my regular one at home on a trip away. I did not see any difference to if I had just used a regular conditioner.
Soft and smooth hair
I tried a tester product attached to shampoo and conditioner I was rather impressed with the results. It does make your hair feel healthy, soft and shiny. I found the only downside was a fairly large amount of product has to be used to thoroughly cover your hair.
Pantene 3 minute miracle
This works the best when used in conjunction with Pantene shampoo and conditioner (not the moisture renewal products) has a fresh scent leaves hair soft and shiny.
Short term fix
I really like this product, I have extremely badly damaged hair...I don’t care too much for it however I need the hair not to be fizzy in order for it too look smooth and well... not damaged. Perfect for a quick fix of split ends but overtime you can have buildup and also doesn’t help long term but it’s AMAZING at fixing and making your hair nice and smooth right away
Great product
Leaves my hair feeling super soft and smooth, is really easy to use and also makes my hair smell really good for a few days
Great to repair damaged hair
It was good to repair my damaged hair, after a while it started getting a little thick for my hair, once I gave my hair a break it was beautiful and shiny again after using this wonderful product.
Great for dry hair
Great for dry and dull hair works well and moisturisers dry ends.
very moisturizing
love this product, i have dry curly hair and ive used this as a conditioner, a leave in conditiner and also on damp hair to stop frizz and it softens my hair and moutrisers so well
revitalizing product for dry coloured hair
revitalised my dry, brittle coloured hair. It's now smooth healthy and easy to handle.
Softest hair
I have very long thick hair. I use this at least once a fortnight, more in summer when I’m swimming it replaces my normal conditioner. The consistency is very thick but is easy to spread through your hair. It leaves my hair so soft and manageable and smelling nice
A good conditioning treatment
A good conditioning treatment. Especially when hair is dry and damaged. I have used this as a once a week treatment and have been happy with the results. Hair is softer, less dry, less frizzy and much more manageable.
Great for coloured hair
Leaves hair soft and healthy. Keeps hair strong when colouring it.

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