Pascall Choc Mallow Bites Salted Caramel Lollies

4.3 5 0 38 38 Bite-size Vanilla flavoured Marshmallows with lashing of Salted Caramel smothered in dark chocolate. Perfect to share with family & friends when you are looking for a little more indulgence.
Pascall Choc Mallow Bites Salted Caramel Lollies


Chocolate caramel goodness
First one I was hmm then later ate whole bag definitely yummy
Wish they came in milk chocolate!
I didn’t enjoy these as much as I hoped, would be delicious in milk choccie!
sweet tooth cravings problem solved
yum really delicious you cant just stop at one creamy salty and chocolate to die for very addictive but not good for those of us trying to lose weight
My new favorite
Omg these are so so yummy. I had to hid them from the hubby and kids lol. Everyone really enjoyed them. We found them to be best when cool so kept them in the fridge. Would highly recommend you try these you won’t regret it
One of hubby and sons' favourites!
I initially got these for myself thinking I would love them, chocolate, marshmallows & salted caramel, how could you go wrong?! Honestly they weren't my favourite, a bit too salty for me, so I gave the pack to hubby and it disappeared!! Now he gets them all the time in the food shopping because "the child" wants them 😂
Cheeky little treat
I originally bought these for my son who loves marshmallows but I did enjoy eating more than half of the packet one evening while watching netflix so yes! I do recommend them. They have the perfect blend of sweet but salty. Hard to find but worth the hunt.
Very good
The best Winter muchies especially while kicking back reading a book drinking a hot chocolate relaxing at home with your family watching movies, I'm a big fan of chocolate Nx marshmallow yummmmmy
These are way too salty they are not enjoyable at all very disappointing
Soft fluffy marshmallow elevated to the next level with gooey caramel encased in chocolate. Very light and tasty snack.
So so good
Perfect amount of salt and caramel, sweet and savoury. Impossible to stop at one. Price could be lower which is my only negative
Delicious as always from Pascall
I really loved this product! It was new and modern and a new twist on marshmallows. The packaging looked great and they tasted delicious. There was enough chocolate, marshmallow and caramel. An awesome product!
Loved these but haven't seen them in the shops much these days
My kid is big fan of marshmallows. This is like cherry on top. chocolate on marshmallow makes it super yummy. because of salted caramel it is not too sweet. Balance the sweetness. we will buy this more soon.
These are delicious & definitely a house hold favourite. They’re a lot like mallowpuffs in nz
They are perfect as a sweet treat at anytime they taste lovely. I enjoyed them with a coffee.

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