2.8 5 0 9 9 Pauls Apple Pie Premium Custard is a decadent, extra creamy custard with a classic apple pie flavour. It's perfect on its own, but why not try it dolloped on Christmas pudding, layered in a trifle or as a side with your favourite festive dessert.
Pauls Premium Apple Pie Custard
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A tad bland but okay
This custard is super creamy but the apple pie added to it is a tad bit bland. Needs more of it.
A little bland
I love custard and I love apple pie, so the thought of both combined sounded great. Was a little disappointed in the flavour though. It wasn’t bad, just a little plain. I’m still glad I tried it, it was nice, just wouldn’t buy again in a hurry
Hubby spotted this and wanted to try I was a bit hesitant. Well he made a good choice lovely and smooth great apple flavour was so yummy great for a snack in between meals would buy it again
Loved it!
This was great... I had it with Apple pie and without but was a nice change to the normal custard. Even warm it, i thought it was nice.
oh my, not good at all, the flavour was intensely artifical and not liked by anyone in the family. please bring back the mint choc custard.
Tastes just like apple pie
I liked this custard...tasted just like it was supposed to and goes great with chocolate pudding.
I brought this, as to use fr desert to go with fruit crumble id made myself. I usually make my own custard.Saw this in the dairy section, rather excited , for the apple flavour. realy disappointed as flavour was overwhelming, artificial and over whelming, texture was fine but flavour spoiled it.
Expensive and tasteless
I hated this custard i never buy little tiny tubs like this because there price tags are unbelievable but it was on sale for slightly cheaper and i thought id give it a go. Barely any apple taste, crappy price for it. Id be sticking to normal Paul's custard Taste better and better value.
Ok ... needs more apple flavour
I’ve bought limited edition ones in the past . This one didn’t live up to expectations for a premium product and price . Didn’t have enough flavour .

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