4.3 5 0 138 138 This thinner, lighter and crispier rice cracker is full of flavour. It comes in a snack pack making it ideal for sharing - whether this be with the family at home, with friends at a BBQ or even with colleagues at work.
Peckish Rice Snackers Sour Cream & Chives
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crunchy and full of flavour, everyone likes it in family. Always in my pantry
I tried these from it’s a few years ago and absolutely loved them, crunchy, healthy and tasty.. then they took them off the market... one of my favourite snacks are no longer available! Why bring it out then discontinue?
Now, I'm not normally a snack cracker kind of gal, however I have bought these time and time again, to the point where I have distractedly eaten a whole box of these and not even realised it. These things are amazingly moreish! I love them! I love them so much I have to portion them out so I don't eat them all in one hit! Delicious!
FINALLY a cracker that you can eat with dip and you don't have to overload it with dip to counteract the dry feel of the cracker!! Nom Nom!
A great, light snack for both myself and the kids! These will definitely be making a regular appearance in my shopping trolley
Very peckish, just as the brand suggests! Delicious flavour and not too heavy, great to eat either on its own or with a dip. A tasty and healthier alternative to chips.
The whole family absolutely loved these we couldn't stop eating them so yummy
Delicious and full of flavour! Great snack and the kids love these too.
These crackers are so tasty and light with a delicious flavour. I can eat a box in a sitting and not realise it.
I have tried the cheese flavour and I absolute loved them. They are not a product I would have considered buying if I had not been given them as a sample.
These are so moreish and they are full of flavour, they are crisp and light and great as a snack!! I recommend you give these a try!! I buy up when they are on special!!!
i loveeeeee these for a cheeky snack they are real GOOOOOOD
te kids love these in their lunch boxes, but i did find they can really scratch up the roof of my mouth when i eat them. they are sized small enough that you put a full one in your mouth but are rather painful at times to eat.
These are not too bad i tried the cheese flavour ones and didn't like them but liked these ones.
These crackers are amazing! I almost avoid the chips and eat these instead. Don't feel guilty eating a whole box either. Sour cream and chives my favourite!

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