4.5 5 0 77 77 Perfect Italiano now give us another way to love this delicious brand of authentic tasting cheese. You can now pick up Perfect Italiano’s Romano Cheese in a 200gm block. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts.
Perfect Italiano Romano Cheese
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Not bad
I’ve tried this once. Ir wasn’t bad but I’d like aroma to be more strong
Very tasty and just the right amount packaging. These are a bit pricey though
A total must for foodies, very versatile, I put it on our pasta purely for its extra strong flavour. Love it.
First time trying this cheese I couldn't believe how strong it was.Great for risottos the heat balances the taste.
Good addition to the fridge! I enjoyed the robust flavour, although my young kids found it a bit to strong.
Easy to grate, lots of flavour, will be definitely buying this in the future..
A little goes a long way. I used it in pasta mainly. I will be buying again
I use it all the time for my spaghetti lasagne and anything to do with Italian cooking it is a fantastic cheese
Love love it ! Bold robust taste that is easily used on pasta and risottos. A favorite in our household and we buy it all the time ! Try it with grilled tomato and pesto for a quick and tasty lunch idea.
Great tasting cheese - has a strong taste and smell - a little goes a long way. Staple now in our house for pastas and risottos.
I love the full flavour and texture of this cheese and my family love it to I have used it of a number of pastas and other dishes it has a perfectly rich taste which I recommend to others.
The best cheese for pasta toppings as well as to use as a normal cheese, U try to always have some in thefrisge.
I love this cheese on pasta bake, pizza's and risotto's. Nice extra strong flavor that my whole family loves
so yummy on spaggettii i love this cheese so so much
Great cheese can be used as a topping for Italian meals, stirred into soups or melted on toast with bacon,

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