Philadelphia Cadbury Dairy Milk Marble Cream Cheese

3.5 5 0 68 68 Philadelphia Special Edition Cadbury Dairy Milk Marble contains Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate and choc hazelnut flavoured cream cheese spread swirled with cream cheese.
Philadelphia Cadbury Dairy Milk Marble Cream Cheese


This adds another layer of chocolatey goodness to my Tim tam balls . I used to use the plain cream cheese and decided to jazz it up and I am definitely not disappointed. Game changer for all my deserts take require cream cheese.
Game changer
This is the most PERFECTLY balanced chocolate cream cheese spread. I've used this to make my fudgy chocolate brownies even more delectable.
Thought I would just this a try and BOY it was amazing. paired with a freshly homemade cheesecake. french kisses.
Oh my god this is sent from the heavens. I can't get enough, I've had to stop myself eating the whole thing right out of the container. It's exactly like eating chocolate cheesecake—and its got the perfect balance of cheese and chocolate. I spread some of this onto toasted bread and I think I've just found the best snack/dessert ever!!
Not too good
We tried Philadelphia Special Edition Cadbury Dairy Milk Marble Cream Cheese but didn't really like it. It contains milk chocolate and choc hazelnut flavoured cream cheese. It tastes like chemicals definitely not a natural taste. I never buy again
philly cheese marble
purchased this to use as an icing for a chocolate and im glad i tasted it first. I think the chocolate with the cream cheese gave it a tangy like taste - wasnt a fan. it may be great used to dip fruit in to because the thickness and richness is there.
Ok in cheesecake
I personally don’t like this product much because of the chocolate/cheese mix (kind of tastes like really tangy chocolate but not in a good way). That being said if used in a cheesecake this isn’t that bad.
Not for me
I didn't really like this cream cheese because I could not really taste the chocolate flavour and also I personally think that the flavours were not a good mix
I'm on a low-carb diet and am always on the lookout for tasty goodies. I'm not sure how, but a tablespoon of this is quite low in carbon and allowed, yet oh my word, how delicious.
Not my type
Honestly the texture is great - thick and creamy as the usual products from this brand. However the flavour seems a little bit artificial for me somehow, definitely not a natural scent/taste.
Why does this taste of artificial hazelnut?
I love Philadelphia Cream Cheese so when this went on sale I grabbed a few tubs and took them home. I expected this cream cheese to have a chocolate flavour as the name of it was Dairy Milk Marble but when a stuck a spoonful into my mouth I was hit with a strong artificial hazelnut flavour which made me check that it didn't have the words chocolate hazelnut spread on the packaging. On its own this cream cheese is not that appealing but mixed with plain cream cheese and turned into a cheesecake this cream cheese added a lovely flavour to my standard cheesecake, so that is where the rest went. Therefore this lost some stars for being the wrong flavour and not being able to be used on its own ie I cannot use this as icing or spread it on bread as it needs dilution to tone down the hazelnut flavouring.
Different - I liked it
Very rich. Tastes kind of like cheesecake in a tub. I enjoyed this when I bought it on clearance at Woolies last month. It’s definitely more of a dessert cheese. I think it’s ideally for cooking with but I just ate it straight from the tub 😂
Cheesecake in a tub
Love these sorts of products as it's like having a cheesecake in a tub and you cam grab a spoonful whenever you want. Have previously tried the chocolate one and caramilk one and while I enjoyed this one the hazelnut flavour made it my least favourite of the 3. Just sweet enough that you can't eat the whole tub in a sitting. Not sure what else you would do with this product other than eating it with a spoon straight out of the tub.
Not a fan!
We tried this product and I had to say that we were not really fans. I thought it would be more of a chocolate flavour but it was more hazelnut. I wish that perhaps they should have put the “hazelnut flavour” in larger test and on the front of the packaging. It was very sweet and I’m not really sure how I would recommend to use this.
Perfect for a cheesecake tart
Followed the recipe on the Philadelphia website and the tart was wonderful. The cream cheese was the right quantity and quality. Returned to the supermarket and bought several more tubs with good best before dates.

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