4.8 5 0 14 14 Pledge Grab-It Fresh Citrus removes common household allergens trapped in dust, such as pet dander, pollen and dust-mite allergens. Pledge cloths are electrostatically charged to attract dirt, dust and hair onto the cloth. The specially designed web of thick quilted fibres then trap the dirt, dust and hair in the cloth leaving your surfaces dust free.
Pledge Grab-It Dusting Cloths
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These actually work . . .
I tried these for the first time last week. They actually do pick up the dust and not spread it around as most dusting cloths do. Very impressed. Next I will use them in my car on the dashboard and all those surfaces that collect dust.
Love them
I absolutely love them it makings dusting so much easier and with a house full of plantation shutters they are great.
Easy dusting
love this product!! It makes dusting quick and easy. Does an excellent job and even the kids manage to do some dusting
I love using these, super easy and literally pick up the dust instead of just moving the dust around. I wish they didn’t leave behind a slight oil on surface but the good far outweighs the bad
No More Dust!
I love this product. The cloths pick up every bit of dust. I use them as a multipurpose wipe around the house. The cloths aren't re-usable but they smell fabulous and don't leave wet streaky marks on areas wiped down.
Quick and easy
These are really good at picking up dust and leave a nice smell too. The only problem is they're disposable so not the best for the environment... and not cheap...
Great Product
These are great! They can be used for multiple surfaces and can be reused a couple times. They also leave my home smelling great!
Easy to use
Easy to use and work as described. They also leave a nice scent.
Never not got these at home
Love these, our house never not has them, so handy and work so well.
Better than cloths.
Simply great for dusting easy as, just wipe over hey presto dust is gone in one simple swipe.
Top product
I’ve been using this in my home for years. It’s the best dust cloth i’ve tried. It picks up dust well, is soft on my surfaces and can be reused a few times. The light scent is nice too. Bit pricey but worth it.
Easy Dusting
Fantastic at picking up even the finest dust particles! They can be used multiple times and are easily washed.
Love these! Use them for all my dusting. Easily picks up dust with a simple wipe.
Pledge dusters
Love these! Picks up all the dust in one easy motion

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