4.7 5 0 47 47 A deliciously crunchy wafer biscuit with luscious caramel, topped with a generous helping of smooth, rich chocolate.
Pods Mars Chocolate
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Crunchy shell and delicious Carmel. I love it! But it's very addictive...
pods movie snack
delicious to snack on, great flavour and very addictive.
Delicious movie snack
Crunchy shell and delicious Carmel goodness. What more could you ask for ! Get them all the time you should too
Best Movie Snack Ever
I've always loved Pods and the Mars flavour is definitely my favourite so far. I love the combination of the smoothness of the chocolate and the caramel with the crispiness of the biscuit. I would highly recommend these to everyone.
These chocolates are so good. especially when you want to have both caramel, chocolate and biscuit in the one. There should be a sticker at the back incase you didn't finish the whole thing at once.
Something that should have been done years ago!
Absolutely incredible combination of texture and smooth caramel. New exciting spin on a well known chocolate. I hope that they release bigger size capsules in the future or even introduce this as a desert, perhaps apply the same concept to a cheescake
Combination of all them creamy flavours leaving a smooth irresistible after taste that leaves you longing for more
All I can say is where they go ? One bag is not enough 🥰☺️☺️☺️
Mars Pods
Absolutely love these massive fan of Mars Bars only trouble is I have to hide them from my son. Definitely a once in awhile treat as they are very Moorish, can finish a pack in one sitting. Goes well with a cup of coffee
Mars Pods is such a good chocolate to have on the go.
Sooooo gooooooooooood
Ive had this snack multiple times and it never fails to impress. Whether its a morning tea snack at work or a treat for the kids watching a movie its always on point
Delicious, could eat the whole bag. Caramel is gooey, chocolate is so yum. The biscuit is fantastic.
Hard to stop once you open the bag
As the title says - I could just eat the whole bag of these. Yum!
Not bad but not for me
I love Mars Bars and thought I would give these a try. To be honest I can take them or leave them, as I’m not a big fan of biscuit with chocolate. If I had of seen any mention of biscuit on the front of the packet I wouldn’t have purchased them. I also found the value for money/price to be a bit much, so will stick with the normal Mars Bars. Anyone who like the Mars Bar taste with a crunchy outside will probably like these. They’re not bad, they just aren’t for me. Cheers.
I love these pods from the very first bite to the last. The texture and flavour are spot on.

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