4.8 5 0 80 80 PopCorners is the world`s first popcorn chip. The amazing taste of buttered popcorn without the yucky, oily film on your fingers and mouth. Just a light, buttery, grease-free taste that will leave you wanting more.
PopCorners Butter Popped Corn Chips
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I purchased these a long time ago - do these still exist if so where can I get my hands on them? They were delicious. I hate popcorn getting stuck in my teeth and scratching up my gums and this was just like eating popcorn minus the issues. I absolutely adored these chips.
Yum, these are super addictive
These were like yummy, buttery popcorn, in a tasty little cracker. Just wish I could find them in more supermarkets
Popcorners are so good. They're light and has a nice crunch to them. Too bad they're not sold in my local supermarkets :(
These are awesome at killing a crunch craving. They are also available in Chilli flavour too. My only concern is that they are Made in USA. I prefer to buy Aussie made.
I love this product! It is just difficult to get hold of the product! And it is my absolute favourite - I personally prefer the "Kettle" flavour. Just wish it was more freely available. The only place I can get it, is Dischem - and they don't always have in stock.
I absolutely love these chips, really delicious popcorn flavour without the irritating texture and every variety has a unique and delicious flavour.
Exactly cinema popcorn without the guilt! Other flavours are also amazing
I LOVE these! I went a bit crazy eating these when they first came out. The flavours are awesome and they just taste really good.
VERY BUTTERY in fact too buttery for me. I ate a few and felt a bit sick! I will definitely be trying the sea salt ones though. The chips themselves are really nice.
i could just rave about this product we have been buying these since they came out! love love love! the whole family loves these! the flavours are fantastic and we actually prefer these to chips great for dips! lunch box trays! party food! highly recommend !!!
We bought these because we`re popcorn lovers, but my husband doesn`t like the traditional kind as they get stuck in his teeth. These are a brilliant invention and taste just the same and come in a range of amazing flavours!
LOVE Poppoed Corn Chips. I love the idea of it, and I love the Sweet and Savoury flavour the best. The Butter flavour is okay, but that one is definitely better than anything I`ve ever tasted. Love the lightness and the flavour of the popped corn chips since it tastes exactly like popcorn!
These are Fantastic (have only used the plain salt ones)... I use them instead of corn chips (much less fat)... and take them to the movies instead of paying through the nose for popcorn... and I think their just as good :-)
I love these things, mainly the Jalapeno ones. They are just the best snacks 28g serve is a good serving.
amazing!!! a friend gave me some of these and i was instantly addicted

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