4.3 5 0 30 30 Powerade Isotonic Lemon Lime is scientifically formulated to hydrate you fast when you need it most by replacing essential electrolytes and fluids lost in sweat.
Powerade Isotonic Lemon Lime
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Very nice taste and like having a bottle with the nozzle on top. Makes it easy to take to sport.
Use this Only for Sport!
Not to be confused with a drink for those who are thirsty this product is only good for sporting activities lasting over two hours otherwise you are just wasting your money and putting on weight drinking this product
Great on a hot day
This Powerade is the best to quench your thirst on a hot day with the added bonus of replenishing your body with all the salts you’ve lost through sweating. Highly recommended straight from the freezer or fridge
tastes nice and gives you you energy on a hot day.can also reuse the bottle.
Great product. Great taste. Not too sweet, as some of the others are. Prefer this flavour to others that I have tried.
great in the summer time, chilled just before freezing point and drink straight away
I often use this product when I have been working out in the sun I live out in the bush in Western Australia where the temperatures goes extreme. It taste great and is so refreshing the added bonus is I often get a headache after being in the sun to long this product helps remove the headache
Love the Lemon Lime and the Gold Rush, very refreshing!
My daughter has full-on, two-hour training sessions for netball and she always takes Powerade to training sessions and to the all-day carnivals to keep her hydration and essential salts up. She loves Lemon and Lime flavours so Powerade Isotonic Lemon Lime adds her preferred sports drink with her preferred flavour. We always have 'supplies' of Powerade in the pantry.
I have tryed the lemon lime powerade i buy it all the time for my family and we all love it just make sure its realy cold to drink i love it.
Not going to lie...was not a nice tasting drink. 10/10 will not buy again
This is a great pick-me-up when forcing yourself to go to the gym and already have no energy. Sugar hit and rehydration is perfect. Halfway through it, top it up with cold water to get in more fluids with a nice taste.
Nice flavour but i would only have it after sport or something. Too sweet for everyday drink but nice otherwise.
Great taste and works wonders for a hangover, as well as post sport.
tastes just like that powered cordial stuff that i used to buy in Victoria

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