3.8 5 0 5 5 YOLO Juice is a cold pressed premium juice rage which comes in 9 different flavour combinations to leave you feeling energised & refreshed. With no added sugar or artificial flavours, these preservative free juices taste delicious.
Presha Fruit YOLO Fresh Fruit Juice
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These juices are a bit pricey for me to buy regularly, so I've only tried one or two flavours so far, but wow! So much more delicious than other juice varieties, they really taste fresh and vibrant. I can't wait to taste more of them - more unique juice products please! (And maybe more sales, too?)
They are a great product just need to make sure i drink it before it expires :)
This juice was amazing! Its so refreshing. And no added nasties.
Love cold pressed juices & I'm absolutely loving YOLOs new range, they got the mix of fruit to veg ratio just right do they taste amazing!
I used to love the Reboot Your Life juices and since they've gone off the shelves I"ve struggled to find something as good until now. They're flavours are great and it's all healthy without tasting too healthy :P it's great just as a morning juice or a 'detox' meal
I really need to try this as i love clean juice and its hard to find ones that dont have to much sugar or preservatives in them. Def on my shopping list
Hi, this juice sounds delicious! I wouldn't mine tasting this product with no added sugar.
I would love to try this product if it has the combination of fruit and veges. It would e an all round good healthy starter in the mornings.
They are kept in the fruit and veggie section near the bagged lettuce and not with other juices
looks promising with no added sugars and preservatives, would love to try it
I have not seen this product before however would be keen to try it as it looks appealing and like a healthier alternative to other drinks available.
healthy juices are all the rage now.Boost,nudie,etc and now this brand.
Think this product would be great to try as low in chemicals and preservatives would be good .Im interested in trialling .
have not tried this, have not seen in supermarkets?
it is a great product , so refreshing and rich , would recommend it to friends and family

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