3.6 5 0 17 17 Discover the incredible flavour of Pringles. Chips that are uniquely shaped and perfectly seasoned. Experience the irresistible crunch and delicious flavour in every bite. New Chicken Salt flavour has been inspired by the traditional Aussie Favourite you know and love. Once you pop you can't stop!
Pringles Chicken Salt
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Good but a favourite
I enjoyed these Pringles Chicken Salt Chips, however I didn’t find the flavour was quite chicken salt. I was expecting a more authentic chicken salt flavour, and I thought this was more like regular chicken chips and bit too salty. I prefer the original, classic Pringles flavours more.
Not a favourite
Prefer all the other flavours to this one. It's very artificial, extremely salty and leaves an unpleasant after taste and breath. It's not like chicken salt at all.
Every Aussie loves chicken salt, so of course I had to try out this Pringles flavour when I saw it on the shelves. It's not my favourite Pringles flavour, but it's still pretty good and I would buy it again.
I love pringles and love this taste as well. It'a a bit weird and extremely salty but I like in anyway
Just okay
I had super high hopes for these Pringles - I love chicken salt and I love unique flavoured chips. Unfortunately these did not wow me at all. I was underwhelmed with the flavour. The chip itself though had a lovely crunch to it and texture. I just think the flavour is missing something.
Once you pop!
I couldn't stop once i popped these pringles! Oh my goodness they were so delicious i didn't want to share them with the rest of the family. perfect balance of flavour for me. would highly recommend.
An okay snack but not quite what the kids expected...
So the kids dove into these expecting something similar to the flavour of hot chippies from the takeaway shop; apparently the flavour was just 'okay' and they wouldn't really eat these unless there weren't any other flavours.
I would eat these again. They have that classic pringles crunch and the flavour is great! Not the chicken salt flavour I had in mind but I definitely enjoyed
Great product. I dust my raw potatoes with this chicken salt and the deep roast them. Makes them crunchy and delicious.
My children go through packets and packets of pringles. This flavour tastes exactly like chicken salt, which is delicious! However in large amounts can get a little too much.
Great snacking food
This is a nice snack to have while watching a movie or tv. I like the chicken flavor. Its not too over powering just right. I enjoyed this product !
Not bad but not great
These sounded like they would be super delicious, unfortunately they were just ok. They are great to use with a dip but they aren’t great to eat on their own, very salty by themselves.
Not the best
Tried these and found they didn't actually taste like chicken salt wasn't a fan of these
These weren’t too bad. Nice strong flavour, but not the exact “chicken salt” flavour I was hoping for. I would still buy and eat them again though
not what i expected
So on my lunch break at work i always get a can of principles from the service station across the road one day i saw the new chicken salt Pringles i figured i like chicken salt on hot chips so why not. How ever i found the flavor of the Pringles to be very far away from what i expected they tasted no where close to the hot chips and chicken salt i love but were also not a flavor i expected from Pringles they were overly bland and left me wanting something to add some taste to my lunch how ever i have had far worse imitations of chicken salt flavoring on chips and these were at least reminiscent of the original flavor of the Australian chicken salt i know and love it just doesn't seem to mesh well with the pringles i have grown to enjoy

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