4.1 5 0 11 11 Purple Power, V8 Power Blend Juice is a tasty blend of purple carrot, beetroot and apple.
Purple Power V8 Power Blend Juice
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this V 8 and all the other V 8's I love them they are great makes me fill like I am having all my vegetables at one time
This tastes and looks great. Ideal for adults and kids alike for trying to boost daily veggie serves. Sugar content is a little high for regular use if you're watching it's intake
I absolutely love this juice. I refuse to buy any fruit juice other than V8 & I'm so glad they have introduced Purple Power & Healthy Greens to the range.I love both flavours so drinking them is a pleasure. They look more scary than they are. They taste great! V8 has a 5 star health rating & unlike other juices that are full of sugar, artificial flavours & very little of the fruit or vegetable they claim to be, V8 is true to it's word/label. When it's on special, I stock up as it works out cheaper, easier & quicker (& less mess) than making your own juices at home.I don't always eat a proper meal, some days it's hard to consume the recommended 5 serves of vegies & 2 serves of fruit so having a glass of V8 Purple Power, Greens or Vegetable juice provides me with my daily fruit & veg requirements. My 13yr old son loves the taste too so I always give him V8 with his breakfast
I add this to a green smoothie (with water because it's packed with sugar) tastes great by its own also. Definitely buy again
who would have thought vegies could taste so good.Qick and easy to have on the go
It's nice to have one that isn't excessively sweet for once by V8. Warning: Your output will look a little pink! :)
I love the V8 brand I always feel like Im having something healthy (even though they are packed in sugar) However a little is quite alright. Nice taste without that terrible aftertaste some juices leave. I would water it down for kids though as I found it a bit sweet
Alittle too sweet for me, but contained alot of good vegies
As a huge Beetroot fan, I will be keeping my eyes peeled for this one..
Taste good, worth trying. They also have Green power which I definitely recommend
Really nice over crushes ice. Bit too heavy first thing in the morning.
V-8 is a everyday drink in my house and wife and family drink it a lot of it. I would like to see how well it holdgo over in my household..
I drink a lot of V8, but never tried this yet .I Haven't seen it on the shelf yet.
I will give this a go as I find the other varieties I either cannot have (cannot have tomato) or too sweet!
I have purchased other V8 products, which I let my grandson try as he doesn't like a lot of veggies. I'm sure he would enjoy this one too. He thinks he's drinking a fruit juice.

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