4.9 5 0 7 7 Queen Pure Vanilla Extract Master Blend has been repackaged. The product is said to be heady, fragrant, and to combine the spice and floral notes of Tahitian vanilla with wood and chocolate from Madagascan vanilla beans. It retails in a 100ml pack.
Queen Pure Vanilla Extract Master Blend
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Love Vanilla
This vanilla extract is so lovely in it's perfume, it needs a little shake to disperse the very fine vanilla seeds through the product as it settles on the bottom, but as usual the brand itself has not disappointed.
Great packaging, great flavour
Gorgeous packaging and the product has a wonderful flavour.
I bought this a couple of months ago and since then I have noticed a big difference in my baking. The taste and consistency is lovely and adds such a natural flavour that few other brands can match. Will be a definite staple in the pantry from now!
Fantastic Vanilla Essence
Maybe it's bias from the price, or the premium packaging, but I really like using this vanilla essence in my cooking. It brings that extra bit of deliciousness to all baked goods, and anything that calls for vanilla essence in the kitchen.
This product is perfect for adding to dessert recipes it has a nice vanilla flavour which is not to strong.I always use it to wipe out my fridge as it gives a lovley vanilla aroma when I open my fridge
My absolute favourite vanilla extract. Not had a single bad experience and have used it for literally hundreds of recipes (big baker over here lol), I would recommend it to anyone who was looking for vanilla extract.
it’s not bad
have used this several times when making pancakes or banana bread and honestly it’s not bad, the price is a little eh but it works.

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