4.1 5 0 14 14 Blended with the delightfully decadent scent of white lily, gardenia and mandarin blossom. Specially formulated to protect whites and colours while lifting dirt and tough stains.
Radiant Laundry Liquid White Lily Gardenia & Mandarin
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Works well but smells too strong
I thought this worked well but found the smell over powering . I had to rinse the clothes again before I used them. If you not sensitive to smells you might like as it did do the job well
great smell and clean
Leaves your clothes clean, soft and smelling like a beautiful garden. Would definitely recommend and use again.
ules Radiant Laundry Liquid White Lily Gardenia & Mandarin
Love Radiant washing liquid. This works great on my kids clothes and seems to get nearly all of the stains out. Lovely fresh scent as well and I find it leaves no residue on the clothes,so works well for us.
Washing easy
Smells delightful and fresh and washes very well, but I did find that it didn’t remove really stubborn stains first go
Clean, fresh and brilliant colours!
This has become my new favourite laundry liquid. It does not leave a residue on clothes, clothes come out clean and fresh and it does not fade coloured clothes. There is a light scent left on the clothes after washing but it fades by the time the clothes are dry.
This product smells so fresh! Works great & at a good price
This product is very good value for money. It cleans as well or better than more expensive brands. I would recommend it to my friends and family
This is a great product. Kids love the smell of their cloths after washing. Gets cloths clean.
Smells fresh and good for large loads
I’ve tried many washing liquid products and recently used this on my bed sheets! They smelt so fresh and clean afterwards, will be purchasing in the future for sure!
Great All in One Product
This one rates so highly for me purely on scent! I adore a strong aroma and it smells divine. More importantly, it does exactly what it says and is equally effective in achieving both brilliant whites and bright colours. I was pleasantly surprised to find no residue on the clothes, particularly the darker washes, which I find the main challenge with liquids. I picked this up on special as the scent caught my eye and have been rapped with it. I’m just hoping the price point stays reasonable and will remain a continued fan if it does. Highly recommended 👍🏼
A beautiful smelling aroma and not over powering. Does the same brilliant wash as any other Radiant product. Highly recommended
Works well, smells great and easy to use container.
Nice to use, but didn't quite meet my expectation. Smells good, but didn't clean that well.
Good not great
This product does a good job cleaning you clothes both whites and colours but I wish it was nicer on the environment especially if you want to use the water for watering the garden shrubs after

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