4.8 5 0 6 6 Enjoy the richness of porcini mushroom filling. Made to perfection with flavoursome diced mushrooms and delicate creamy ricotta cheese, wrapped in paper thin pasta parcels.
Rana Porcini Mushroom Ravioli
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Love the Rana Range
I have been using the Rana range for the past couple of months and tend to purchase when the Supermarkets have them on special. The Porcini Mushroom is a wonderful flavour, easily prepared and they make a substantial meal with their generous size. It is quickly prepared and you can have a delicious bowl of pasta in under 5 minutes and I like the serving suggestion on the pack, just adding oil and Parmesan cheese
Taste is so good easy quick meal
easy quick meal tastes so good. I made a white wine sauce with a few fresh mushrooms and drizzled some truffle oil over. Taste is wonderful. This would be one of my favorite pasta products to buy
Mushroom Ravioli Love
I love ravioli and mushrooms. Put them together and it's a win. This ravioli is delicate and tastes great. The texture is soft and does not require much time to boil. I serve it with a little olive oil and it's a crowd winner.
Fantastically fresh and easy to prepare
Have been purchasing this pasta range for a few months now, and I am very impressed with its freshness and unique flavours. It is quick and simple to prepare. Mixed in with some extra virgin olive oil, fresh spinach leaves, semi sun-dried tomatoes and roasted pine nuts, makes for a hearty and yummy meal!
Best ravioli ever
I love love love this product. So tasty. I could eat it every day. I haven’t tried the other flavours available, only the mushroom, and not sure I want to seeing I think this one is amazing. Plenty of filling, real mushroom, easy and quick to cook and it holds its shape without splitting open and losing the filling while cooking. My3 year old little ves it as well. The only criticism I have is way too expensive, I only buy when they’re on special. But otherwise, this is my favourite product at the moment, haven’t come across anything as tasty in a long while. It really is good quality, best tasting pasta.
Love this pasta tastes great and have used it for years
This sounds so yummy I would love to try it. Think it would be nice with a pesto sauce on it

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