4 5 0 16 16 Same wings, expanded taste. Combines the functionality of Red Bull Energy Drink with the taste of coconut!
Red Bull Coconut & Berry
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Surpassed my expectations
Good flavour, easy to drink, kept me awake as I needed it to. Hate usual redbull so was very pleasantly surprised to enjoy this one so much, highly recommended
Spew in a can
Tottaly wrong flavor combo for taurine, spew in a can.
RedBull takes you to a tropical island in one sip
Loves this RedBull variation. Still the great kick you get from RedBull but each sip makes you feel like you are on holiday sipping a coconut drink by the pool. Great summer drink!
Quite nice
I bought it once to try out as I do like the taste of coconut. It tastes quite nice. I enjoyed the flavour. It also gives a nice energy boost.
Just - no.
Dreadful. Like sweaty socks and something I can't put my finger on. A concoction that tastes warm and flat immediately after being freshly cracked out of an icy esky. No.
Real ebergy
I love energy drinks because they get me through the day. This one was not as refreshing as I thought it would be and the coconut flavour was overwhelming. I did not like the aftertaste and felt like I wanted to brush my teeth afterwards. It does have an amazing energy kick though.
Taste of summer
This is delicious.. reminds me of summer with the coconut taste!! If only they were sugar free
Good energy hit, nice flavour
Good energy hit, nice berry flavour with a coconut aftertaste.
A sensational overload
This stuff is AMAZING! It tastes so good and sweet, and it is so good to mix in with cocktails!
Love it!!!
My absolutely favourite Red Bull! Full of flavour. I love original Red Bull but so many people dont like the flavour. This is the one to try if that's you. It tastes completely different. So yummy!
Not my favourite flavor they have done but gave it a try.
Enjoyed this drink very much. Would buy this flavour again if it became a regular choice
I love this flavour ! The commute does over power the classic red bull flavour that you crave but definitely a pleasant change very yummy!
I’m a huge fan of the coconut flavour, I think this would have to be one of, if not th best flavour combo that Red Bull has release as a limited edition. Will definitely be stocking up, before they run out.
This I'd the best flavour option of Red Blue so far! It's the perfect pair, coconut and berry and it's a great energy booster. A great occasional drink I enjoy.

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