4.2 5 0 17 17 Enjoy the taste of tropical fruits with Red Bulls Yellow edition, Tropical Summer.
Red Bull Tropical Summer
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A smooth and tropical sensation
I absolutely love Red Bull Summer Editions and this tropical flavour was no exception. It’s sweet and fruity mix really makes me reminisce about summer times. Not only is the taste great but it is true to it’s motto - it gives you wings!
A nice summery taste!
Usually when an energy drink as great tasting as redbull tries to put out a new flavor it's usually hit and miss. But this new Tropical flavour is a great summery drink. It's a cross between a fizzy pineapple fruit box and that childhood favorite drink passtiona if you loved that you will. Love this!
Cannot rave enough about this, I've always liked redbull energy drinks but this is my new favourite.
This is a refreshing way to kick start the day. With the taste of pineapple and other islandic flavours,you can't go wrong.
Red Bull is the only energy drink I enjoy so a new flavour was a little skeptical but willing to try. Great flavour and refreshing taste. I do prefer the original but this is a nice change for every now and then. Packaging wise I like the smaller can you limit your intake and the size is easy to hold.
I really liked it so did my hubby yet neither of us like normal red bull it truly was a very refreshing drop on a hot day.
Its refreshing and is one of the nicest out now. Delicious and sweet just perfect.
I lived this. I stopped drinking energy drink many years ago but when i saw this i bought 2 cans. It reminded me of passions passionfruit dizzy drink i had when i was a kid.. Would definitely buy it again
i normally don't like red bull but this taste yummy.
Red Bull always give you wing this yellow summer sensation out packaging its promising the goodness of what is inside, I wish I can try it out.
This was really nice. Not to sweet as I have found some of the other red bull flavors. Nice and summery - The packaging caught my eye and I got sucked into testing it out. Would and already have brought it again.
It was really nice! I don't like regular Red Bull, but this is awesome!
Yummy sweet taste and this size can is just right, the perfect pick me up.
Red Bull Tropical Summer quenches your thirst, and tastes heavenly.
I really enjoyed the taste! I never buy red bull, this was bought for me, but I liked it. Will buy again.

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