4 5 0 75 75 Red Rock Deli begins by oven-popping the finest Australian corn kernels, to give them a light, crispy texture. Then they lightly season the freshly popped corn with inspired flavour combinations. With blends of carefully selected flavours, there's an enticing taste journey waiting to be discovered in every bite. Maple Butter & Sea Salt popcorn pairs the indulgent taste of maple syrup-flavoured butter with a sprinkling of sea salt, to create a perfectly-balanced sweet and salty flavour.
Red Rock Deli Maple Butter & Sea Salt Popcorn
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Does not taste like what it should
Honestly I was so excited to try this because I love popcorn and rock deli chips! However... this did not taste like maple butter at all and even had a hint of sourness... the texture of the popcorn was like it was stale, very soft and chewy :/
A little dissapointing
These definitely weren't as good as I was expecting. I love the Red Rock Deli range but these just didn't deliver. The flavour was ok, but there was absolutely no crunch at all! And a lot of the inside kernal bits that are annoying to eat.
Needs more flavour
Oh how I love popcorn and maple butter and having them smooshed into the one was a dream that came true, but sadly it was a dream that was not a reality. You'd get a bit here and there that was delicious and then you'd get a handful that wasn't so flavoursom. I wouldn't say it was super crunchy either. For me personally, I'm not a huge fan. Would I eat it again, duh, yes.
These are delicious. The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five is because I like savoury popcorn more than sweet. I thought these were delicious- there was the perfect balance between sweet and salty which was delectable.
too much husk
I don't like popcorn of this brand because in every package is too much corn husk that necessarily will be stuck between your gum and teeth. No one else brand has so much husk inside of their package. I wouldn't recommend this product.
Delicious! Must try!!
This popcorn is sooo yummy! The flavour is amazing and the sweet and salty combination is genius! It goes on special at Coles often so def give it a crack!
Lacking a bit of crunch
Popcorn is one of my favourite snacks. Red Rock Deli know how to do great flavour and this one is pretty good, I find that it lacks the crunch/freshness of other brands.
sweet and salty
If you want something a bit more decadent you should give these a try. I liked that it had a nice mixture of salty and sweet, it was unique but ultimately not something I would purchase again
A nice combo of salty and sweet
This was a nice mix of salty and sweet, although the flavour was a little bit too subtle for my liking. It was nice to try a different flavour like maple butter. It was worth a try but I probably wouldn't buy it again.
This popcorn I really good. It’s a nice treat but it’s so easy to eat the whole bag!
Did not live up to expectations
Did not like it. The pop corn was hard. Did not taste good.
Salty Styrofoam
Salty and stale, no maple flavour at all Only crunchy thing in the bag was the large amount of popcorn husks Can’t see myself buying this ever again
Great flavour!
These are so delicious when you feel like something sweet and different from normal popcorn! They were a hit with the whole family
too salty
did not like these at all. maple flavour was not very strong and they were too salty. will not buy again.
Thought i would get more of a maple taste than what there was. Little disappointed

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