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Red Rock Deli Red Chilli Salt Popcorn
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Not bad
I normally prefer my popcorn just plain with a little bit of salt but I always like trying new things which is why I purchased the red chili salt flavour. It wasn't too bad, it was a bit spicy and had a unique taste but it wasn't my favourite
Light and flavoursome snack
This is a must try if your looking for a snack that wont make you feel as bad for snacking. Its still full of flavour just that little better for you. Its so light and fluffy. Great for something different when entertaining.
It was ok
It was ok to eat but wasn't a big fan. I think I like my spice more on chips because its crunchy and matches more than the soft popcorn.
Yum Yum
If you love Popcorn & you love Chilli this is yummy. Red Rock know how to deliver the flavours. Very addictive
Awesome, long lasting flavor.
I love the kick in the flavor, a great snack that never gets boring. Would recommend to a snack lover.
Yum but no zing
I almost ate the whole packet in one sitting. Was disappointed they lacked a kick of flavour. I love popcorn, I just thought this would be tastier.
Little bit under powering flavor
Great popcorn but the flavor needs to be kicked up to get that true chilli zing, than it would be an easy 5 stars.
This popcorn is so good,it has the popcorn taste with the salt/chilli zing, was very easy to eat and hard to stop, great product.
Love these,once I started I find hard to stop ! Spicy,tasty but healthier than chips Heres a tip,eat them with chopsticks ,slows you down and very enjoyable I even put some in home made asian pickles my wife makes
Hell ya
I love spicy chips and this is one of my favourite chips right now
Red Chilli Salt?
I think the biggest issue with this popcorn was that the flavour on the packaging gave me the impression that these would be a spicy little morsel. Instead you are met with a very sweet, barely chilli flavour. Reduce the sugar content and I think they could have a real winner.
not too bad for a differant style of snack
im a big fan of both popcorn and sweet chilli ...not totally convinced that they go together... was ok with a beer
Chips delicious
Loved them glass of wild turkey bowel of delicious sweet chilli popcorn yum yum we all loved them
Chilli Popcorn!
Well, I have to admit, I didn’t like this product, but hubby and daughter do, although they both said it needs a bit more chilli flavour. I much prefer a sweeter alternative. I’m giving 3 stars because they like it.
Nice flavour
Very yummy and addictive I just wish the flavour was even more stronger.not very chilli

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