3.2 5 0 16 16 Revlon Nail Enamel delivers gorgeous smooth, chip-resistant colour to nails. Promotes smooth application, film levelling, high gloss & water resistance with quick dry time.
Revlon Classic Nail Enamel
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Too Runny
I bought 2 bottles- Pink and Mint green. Both require at least 3 coats to show decent colours. It is also streaky no matter how many times I tried to apply on my nails.
Pale finish
I have 3 revlon nail polishes, and all of them have a pale finish. The colour isn't as thick as I'd like. When it dries it looks slightly transparent and needs several layels to look dark and thick enough.
Wonderful nail polish
Great lasting, non chipping, high colour, great colours
Favorite polish
I wear nail polish almost every week. Reapplying almost weekly. This nail polish dries very fast and only requires two layers to achieve desired colour shown in the bottle. I always to top and base coats as well. The colour usually wears off the tip of my nails rather than getting chipped or marking. My favourite brand to use!
Loved the extensive colour range and applies very nicely!
Too pricey for quality
I do enjoy these nail polishes....when they are on sale. I can not justify their full price for the quality. I find I need at least two coats with a top coat to last roughly four days. Great colour selection though!
Too running
I found I had to put many coats on to eliminate the streaks that were caused by being too watery. It is ashame as I use only Revlon makeup, which I am happy with for many years.
A Goody, but not a Cheapie
I like this product, but I only buy it when its on sale. The price does not reflect the quality.
Not good
These nail polishes are just ok, I find that they're a bit watery and they can go on quite streaky. They also tend to chip very easily which is why I don't use them much
Great Colour Selection
I have tried an assortment of colours over the years but am disappointed that it chips so easily.Love the range of colours but for the price and staying power it fails.
great color
I always looking for new nail products and I really like this.
Need a top coat
Needs a protective polish over the top to make it last
Revlon Classic Nail Enamel
I like the range of colours available and they keep up with the trends, however I found that the nail polish seemed a little too thin in consistency and not as long lasting as I was expecting.
Love the color of these nail polishes but I don't think they last very long before they become streaky and cloggy
Chips very easily
Not long lasting. Chips easily and requires frequent reapplication

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