4 5 0 4 4 A creamy texture that goes on like a moisturiser then blends invisibly to even out skin tone weightlessly. Keeps skin feeling moisturised all day. Medium buildable coverage, natural finish.
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Lovely Textured Foundation
I use this product as my daily foundation due to it beautiful texture and great colour range. It glides onto my skin and leaves it feeling soft and silky . It provides and even coverage in a great shade for my skin tone. It is just shy of lasting on my skin for a full day hence why the 4 star rating . I do however love this product and will continue to purchase.
Pleasantly surprised
I usually go for more "high end" foundations because my face likes to break out, but due to a budget, i purchased this at my local chemist. It surprised me. It's actually pretty good! It has medium coverage, it feels light on the skin, and it's not oily. I can wear this at work all day and (with the the help of some setting powder) it actually holds! Downsides: the pump on the tube just feels wrong, and you need a fair amount to cover your whole face. That's it! Honestly, it's less than half the price of my usual foundation and it's good! I'll buy it again.
Pore smoother
I have to say I was actually quite shocked at how nicely this Sat on the skin,I applied it with a brush the coverage, though buildable I would say was a medium to high med cover it blurred the skin, didn't sit in lines and made pores virtually disappear, is it my new go to? No. This foundation is beautiful if your more of a light to medium coverage girl/guy but I can't say I am im more for the cake, when I apply my foundation I don't want to have to cover any spots or touch up anything if I was having a good skin day I'd totally rock this,if you have a nice even complexion this may be for you and those wanting lighter cover..it feels beautiful on the skin though I will say! Sets down nicely doesn't feel to heavy it's worth a try you'll either like it or hate it..I think the price is good for the formula this could pass as a more high end foundation.
Great product
It's a great foundation that is easy to apply and lasts all day. The tube makes it really handy for travel, and it is also great for travel since it looks good in photos.

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