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Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polish
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Beautiful nails
I am a regular user of this nail polish. My nails always look beautiful and they last well for a least a week. I also use the Rimmel Super Gel Topcoat. I have found that I need to remove my polish within four days as it effects my own nails, not sure if it is the product itself or my nails. I will continue to use this product for its durability, luster and cost.
In my opinion, Super Gel Polish is the alternative to gel nails, they're cheaper and easy to use at your own convenience. Can't fix perfection and I would recommend this to anyone wanting a cheaper alternative to salon nails.
Provides great colour pay off and is a great substitute for real gel nails.
Of all the brands out there Rimmel is the absolute top of the stack for me and my go to polish. The colours are fun and original and the staying power is in the top fives. A definate staple in my nail drawer.
Long Lasting!
The Super Gel nail polish offers a great range of shades to choose from. I really like this salmon pink. It's a lovely every day colour and you only need two coats to get it looking nice. The formula is pretty good too, it lasts about a week or more before chipping away at the tips. Good value for money too!
Love it
This is a great polish, usually one coat will do depending how dark the colour and not overpriced at all. The brush is a great shape too.
I find it stays on longer without chipping compared to other nail polish brands
Great nail polish
I love this nail polish, dries fast and is very glossy. After only two applications the color comes fully through
Wonderful product
I love this quick drying polish. So glossy and a great colour range.
When you need your nails done and FAST!
Rimmel Super Gel is the best! Nice and thick and glides on fast and smooth. Dries fast. I always use the clear for the base and then a couple of coats to keep my nails looking like a professional did them. Affordable too! I have a few signature colours I love.
Great Nail polosh
Was pleasantly surprised how easy this product was to apply. Very reasonable price. Normal Polish does not last on my nails, this one lasted 10 days 😀✅
I have used Rimmel products in the past and found them good value for money. I have not yet tried this nail polish but am interesting in trying it as my nails look terrible at the moment from scrubbing the bath and they need some R & R!!!

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