4.6 5 0 19 19 This ultimate chip-resistant nail polish, Miracle Gel, is the original no UV light at-home gel polish. The longer lasting manicure.
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel
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The only polish I'll use!
After trying this nail polish - its the only polish i'll use moving forward. I find that I always have an immaculate manicure after using this. Also the polish lasts on my nails for usually around 2 weeks. I have been back to buy more colour variations and they all deliver the same quality outcome!
So easy to use!
I bought the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Duo Pack, which had the colour I chose, and the Miracle Gel Top Coat. The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish does NOT require a UV Lamp for curing, because the Gel Top Coat is what cures it. I applied 2 coats of the Gel Colour, and 1 for the Gel Top Coat. The Miracle Gel was easy to use, it didn’t streak or clump, and it lasted longer than I expected, Can’t wait to try out some new colours!
Super Shiny & Lasts Ages!
These Gel polishes are awesome! I have so many of them and love the finish they give my nails. You only need one quick coat and the formula is super pigmented and looks shiny and fresh even once fully dried and lasts weeks!
Love it
I love this range. Makes your nails look they’re done in a salon. I especially like the nude colours! So chic looking!
Makes nails nice and shiny
product is amazing, makes nails look amazing the result looks very professional
Miracle Gel yes yes yes!
I love Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish. Many great colours and the top coat clear goes on fast and dries fast. Your nails look like you have had a professional nail manicure. Your nails keep the shine all the time until you need a change. Mine have lasted up to a month without chips.
Leaves a lovely shine
This is a really good product for an at home manicure or pedicure. I found that the nail polish has a lovely shine similar to that of a professional manicure however it did start to peel 3 or 4 days in.
Best nailpolish ever
I love all Sally Hanson products. The gel nailpolish is easy to use, dont need the lamp and the colours are amazing. It looks and holds like shellac
Love it
Love the fact there is so many colours and its just like you have been to a salon. Love the finish. it dosnt go clumpy.
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel
I have this product in many colours. I have tried other gel nail polishes and have never been as satisfied as the Sally Hansen brand. They lasts longer and the shine is amazing. Especially when you compare to the Revlon Gel Polish. I am always getting comments on he cobalt blue shade as it stands out and looks amazing. the only issue it dries very slowly and i an be very impatient at times.
Real salon quality
Looks like I got gel nails done professionally, really good finish and lasts on me for 7-9 days with no chipping!!! if I wear gloves when cleaning/ washing dishes etc. I decided to buy this after getting sick of paying a lot of money at salons, and well worth it. Also more affordable than some high end brand stuff but rivals on quality.
Stays perfect for days
I have been using assorted Sally Hansen Miracle Gel products for a few years now and i find that it would have to be the best nail polish in the market. The polish lasts for about 4-5 days without chipping. Has some really gorgeous colours to chose from. Totally recomend these polishes
Expensive for Mediocore Results.
Have trialled this Product more than once and found that for the Price paid the Quality of Product could be improved... On the Three occasions tried, using a new color each Time, I found the Product was Gluggy.... & Looked messy.. Had a Professional Nail Technician use it on my Nails and they like wise found it to be Gluggy... I can only give this a middle rating as this Brand of Product is not consistent in its Quality or Durability...
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel
I have been using Sally Hansen for a couple of years. I find the product very good and usually lasts about a week, even if I don't use gloves when doing the dishes. A couple of the paler colors seem a little thin and need 3 coats but I find this nail Polish a very satisfactory outcome after previously having my nails done by a professional for many years. 😊
Good but not great
I am very rough on my hands and nails and therefore this doesn't last as long as i'd expect, usually lasting 2-3 days before it chips.

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