Sandhurst Cucumbers Sandwich Stacker

4.7 5 0 136 136 Sandhurst Sandwich Stackers Sliced Cucumbers have been cut long ways, ready to be added to burgers and sandwiches, straight from the jar. By being pre-cut, these cucumbers are portion-controlled, saving you time and wastage. Its sweet and sour flavours complement bread-based meals well.
Sandhurst Cucumbers Sandwich Stacker


Great for Toasties
These pickles sandwich slices are terrific. They are long enough to cover the bread length ways. I love them on a toasted sandwich or on a hamburger for our Fakeaway nights. Delish!
Pickle heaven
These pickles are so tasty. They are the perfect size for a sandwich and turn a dull sandwich into a tasty delight.
Great in sandwiches and burgers. Great taste and because its cut longways it's perfect for subs.
Perfect cupboard staple
I love the long strips which make for an easy addition to any sandwich or burger. I also like to chop up and add to my salad for a zesty punch, using the brine in my salad dressing makes it even tastier.
Very convenient!
We love these in our household. Not too sweet, not too sour, and the perfect amount of crunch. I love that I can chuck them straight onto a sandwich, burger, bagel etc. without having to cut them up.
Very strong flavour but would recommend this product
I didn't like pickles until I tried this
I honestly never liked pickles and have opted to take them out of my burgers until I tried this one, it's not too sweet and the pickle itself is not too soft it still have a bit of a crunch to it which I loved.
Not for me thanks
I recently tried the Sandhurst Sandwich Stackers Long-cut cucumber slices and unfortunately, they were not for me. While I can see why others might enjoy them, I found the texture to be a bit too crunchy for my liking. Additionally, the flavor was a bit too strong for my taste buds. However, I can understand why some people might appreciate the bold taste and crunchiness of these cucumber slices. Overall, I would give them a 3-star rating because they seem to be a popular choice among others, but they just weren't my cup of tea.
Handy Hamburger Pickles
These cucumber pickles are crispy and sweet and sour and great on any burger or grazing platter. They are good to have on hand in the fridge. They are in a handy sized 500g bottle. I love that they are sliced already.
Light snack
Not only are these great to go on sandwiches but my son loves them as a snack and we use them on our antipasto platers when entertaining
Easy way
I brought this, to use in burgers n wraps. Very quick to add extra taste. Not to soggy. They are good crunchy. Balance taste, not overpowering.
A perfect snack
My favourite thing to snack on is a plate full of cruskits topped with these sandwich stackers and cheese slices. The flavour is superior to products in its category and value for money is there. I go through a jar a week. I know the sodium content is high but I do love these.
Perfect Addition
Great for sandwiches and to be used on grazing boards because of the cut.
Colour me Pickled
Fancy Sandwich, Burgers, Rolls, put these on them all!!!
Not bad good size
I don't mind it on a salad sandwich my daughter loves it I buy it more for her she just snacks on it as well as putting it on sandwiches

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