Sandhurst Cucumbers Sandwich Stacker

4.7 5 0 82 82 Sandhurst Sandwich Stackers Sliced Cucumbers have been cut long ways, ready to be added to burgers and sandwiches, straight from the jar. By being pre-cut, these cucumbers are portion-controlled, saving you time and wastage. Its sweet and sour flavours complement bread-based meals well.
Sandhurst Cucumbers Sandwich Stacker


Love these, great flavour and size for snacking, adding to sandwiches or rice crackers. Recommend these to anyone that likes a good pickle!
These are great
I buy a jar once a week and the whole family love them. They can be used on burgers on top of rice cakes. They are light and salty, good length which can be cut to size.
Mm.. only ok…
These were a bit plain in flavor. I personally like pickles with that distinct pickled flavor and I didn’t feel like this one hit the mark. Compared with other options at the shops, unsure if I will purchase again
Very tasty!
Loved these sliced pickles! Perfect size and thickness for a sandwich! They’re not too salty but full of flavour! Perfect sandwich addition! High recommend!
Impossibly yummy
Whether you want a reliable and low calorie late night craving solution or a guaranteed win for every burger you build at home, you need some of these in your fridge.
great idea..
i have these at home .great idea for sandwiches ,burgers ect very conveniant
Conveniently sliced ready for topping the burger or sandwich. I have a jar at home and work for added flavour.
Perfect for burgers
We use these in home-made burgers. A couple of slices is all it takes to make a good burger great.
Pantry staple for burgers
This is the best supermarket brand of sandwich stackers. The pickling flavours and vinegar are perfectly balanced. They are a staple in our pantry and we always use them on our burgers.
Quality stacker
My partner loves this brand, great size for sandwiches, really nice taste, sweet and tangy. Picle juice is great to use in sauces to to add that flavour to, as well. I recommend
I mean, it's a good pickle!
The mustard seeds give it a nice tangy flavour, its only slightly sweet, and its affordable. Neither are the gherkins too 'soggy', as some sandwich stackers are. As a sandwich stacker connoisseur, a very decent pickle!
Perfection in a pickle
These pickles are perfectly balanced between salty and sweet, super convenient slices that can stack perfectly in a sandwich or burger without falling out!
Sandhurst Sandwich Stackers
Perfect addition to a homemade Burger. Use straight from the jar - no cutting required.
Sandwich Cucumbers
I love these cucumbers, I buy it all the time, makes a great snack sandwich. The taste is great not too sweet or too sour.
Love love them
Crunchy and full of flavour. Absolutely love them and purchase them often. I eat them right from the jar.

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