4 5 0 96 96 Sara lee’s Belgian Chocolate & Raspberry Lava Pudding is the perfect after dinner desert with authentic Belgian chocolate and real raspberries.
Sara Lee Belgian Chocolate & Raspberry Lava Pudding
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Perfect sweet treat
That perfect treat for after dinner. A Decadent chocolate & raspberry lava cake. The raspberry mixed with chocolate is that perfect combination. It’s mouth water and wants you to come back for more. Accompanied with some Vanilla bean ice cream makes the perfect dinner treat.
Good for a little sweet treat after dinner. Would absolutely buy again.
A decadent, yummy occasional treat, tastes amazing!
Quite decadent, but not too rich and well balanced with the raspberry sauce. Is even good to eat cold, no real need to heat.
wickedly delicious melts in your mouth and leaves you wanting more.
so yummy and decedant. So easy as well, put it in the microwave and topped with cold ice-cream. The raspberry just matched perfectly with the chocolate
I have tried this one but found it did not look the same when package open not enough filling shame because the cake was rich and moist and the chocolate on the top was so yummy every tasty. gail
After seeing the product listed and having a sweet tooth , I went out and bought it. Yum Yum. it is sweet and very tasty. If you like sweet items, you must try this
I love this dessert treat - it was perfect and not too sweet.
It was really good and quick for a standby dessert in the freezer but I do question whether launching a product like this in summer was the smartest idea. I would have thought a Autumn or winter launch would have appealed to more people.
This is product is SENSATIONAL! All that raspberry jam and gooey chocolate is just SOOO mouth watering.
Sara Lea Belgian Chocolate & Raspberry Lava Puddings were suprisingly delicious, the Chocolate cake was sweet & moist, just sweet enough to be delicious without being overpowering, and then theres the scrumptious Raspberry 'Lava' filling with just the right amount of tang! The quality of this packaged dessert is outstanding. Perfectly portioned servings. Simply pop into microwave to warm, each microwave heats differently, mine took 45 seconds to turm the delightfully tangy centre into warm gooey lava, served with some Sara Lea Vanilla Ice cream a completely devinely delicious, quick & easy dessert. Highly recommended.
Nothing special about this, my whole family hated it and tasted like dirt not chocolate. Did not enjoy at all and I usually love all chocolate things.
sara lee this pudding is sooo good that if it was much larger i would sleep and eat all day and night. buy LAVA PUDDINGS FROM SARA LEE xxxxx yum
I loved this product, as I expected, the chocolate was melting inside and combined with the raspberry, that's the perfect combination. One of my favorite frozen dessert around, a success.

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