4.7 5 0 22 22 Sard Power sctively lifts protein, grease and coloured stains! Effective in all wash temperatures and safe for whites and colours.
Sard Wonder Power Stain Remover
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Good product
I have just finished my first bottle of this and was pretty happy with the results. It worked quite well for simple stains but I had to use a soak (napisan) to get out harder to budge stains.
Very happy with this stain remover
I use this regularly on small spots or stains. It works well for removing small new stains, I just give my clothes a spray before I throw them in the washing machine. I always do a cold wash. Unless it’s a really old/deep stain it has always worked for me.
Cleans basic stains
I do use this in every wash more as a thorough clean. I find it isn't quite powerful enough to remove tough stains or stains that have been left a couple of days. Reasonably priced.
Used twice and didnt remove stain
I bought this and used it twice on the same stain and it still didnt remove it, unfortunately. Maybe it's ok for stains that are just made, but once they are dried on, it doesnt seem to work like i had hope.
It works
It actually works, whereas other stain removers don't seem to work as well. I tried it on a nasty stain on a white tablecloth and voila it came out white and bright. I would definitely recommend this product.
Yep use this all the time, kids have white shirts for school 😪 works a treat as I have boys and they never stay clean
Wouldn't use anything else
This product is an essential in my laundry. I use it often, it is simple, easy and reliable. Just spray it on and toss in the washing machine. I haven't found anything else as good.
Sard great on difficult stains
I have never been disappointed using Sard. I had a stain on a white t-shirts that was stubborn, when I used Sard it was gone
Just in time for toilet training lol
Great easy to use product Good value for money Easy spray Head Lifts stains in 1 wash
This is the only stain removing product. I have used it for years and it has never harmed my clothes or machines. It is very good. It is especially good at removing blood. It is also so easy to use that my husband can use it!
Stubborn armpit stains
Kills Oder and removes the stain on my husbands uniform, use prior to putting in the wash it’s great!
A+ product
We love this product ! Especially with little ones in the household using this in our white washes makes all the difference ! Can’t fault it.
Clean wash
Wonderful really brightens fabrics brings clothes back to new
The best!
A trustworthy and very effective product for removing even the most stubborn stains. I can always rely on Sard from food stains to blood it's my go to laundry Stain remover.
Best stain remover
I love this product especially since becoming a mum :) gets all stains out

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