4.3 5 0 78 78 Safely clean all of your cookware with these long-lasting, durable and non-scratch scrubbing sponges!
Scotch-Brite Stay Clean No Scratch Scrub Sponge 2 pk
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Can’t believe this product is rated so highly. Sponge disintegrates after a few uses, purple dye appears on dishes and I don’t find the spots do a good enough job of cleaning. Tea stains are a result of the sponge not seeming to grip. My brother also dislikes them & doesn’t think dishwashing liquid lathers enough in this sponge. I actually had an unopened pack go mouldy which 3m kindly replaced. I couldn’t recommend these. Nice colours (along with the green)
I use these all the time and have done for a few years now. It is a great sponge and lasts well compared to some others.
I have used a lot of Scotch-Brite products in the past but I love that they have started coming out with more of a variety of options when it comes to their sponges.
I purchased these sponges after a disappointing experience with some purchased from ALDI where the sponge half separated from the scrubbing half shortly after being used & some particles from the sponge came off onto what I was washing leaving blue specks all over it. I can say that I haven't experiences any such problem with these & would buy again because they perform as advertised & didn't let me down. Good quality product.
Very durable and lasts a long time. Does a great job
This is the only brand of scratch scrub sponges I use. They work very well while cleaning dishes and many surfaces in my home. I have used them for more than 15 years.
I like these as they don't fall apart like the others do when you use them so they last longer and no scratching either.
je le conseille ce produit je l'adore il est performant et ne grafigne pas les poeles!!
It is a very good sponge to use it will not scratch your pots and does not trap food. Less of a smell left on sponge.
I recommend this product 100% I have been buying it for a while and it is really good.
Great for washing dishes and non stick things, worth the money. Scotch brite is a great brand
Handy having the sponge and scourer together. Scourer is great for non-stick pots and pans - doesn't scratch. Lasts a lot longer than other scourers & sponges.
Excellent product If u have a house hold of boys I highly recommend this
Absolutely well worth investing in the scotchbrite no scrub sponges
THe first one in the packet was really quite good - the sponge is the cellulose type that I like, and the scrubbing side cleans without scratching. However, the scrubbing side fell off the second one within a couple of days of use. I contacted the manufacturer, who replaced it after I supplied photographic evidence.

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