Sensodyne Repair & Protect Toothpaste

4.7 5 0 57 57 New Sensodyne Repair & Protect contains NovaMin technology, originally developed to help stimulate bone regeneration, which seeks out the areas of teeth that are sensitive. The NovaMin technology forms a tooth-like layer over exposed dentine which is approximately 50% harder than healthy dentine helping to continually repair and protect with twice daily brushing.
Sensodyne Repair & Protect Toothpaste


Top Toothpaste
Love the clean and fresh feeling this leaves me with. Teeth feel generally cleaner after a weeks use. The whitening added is just a bonus.
Sensodyne repair and protect
This toothpaste is quite nice. I’m not a sufferer of sensitive teeth but my husband is and he likes it. A couple of things I’d prefer is more a minty flavour and flip top lid instead of a screw top.
sensodyne repair and protect is quite gentle on teeth and gums. I don't know if it's a placebo although I seem to think cold water is more tolerable after using this toothpaste in comparison to others.
Sensodyne repair & protect toothpaste
I love Sensodyne repair and protect. I was having some sensitivity problems with my teeth and asked my dentist what I should try. I was informed to try Sensodyne repair and protect. It really does work and it works fast and noticed my teeth are more white. I would definitely recommend trying Sensodyne repair and protect if anyone has sensitive teeth.
Excellent for sensitive teeth
Very good toothpaste for sensitive teeth Tried and it works particularly well, highly recommended
Great product
Started using this when I had over sensitive teeth. Couldn't believe how quickly it started to relieve the pain. I always have a tube handy and even just run directly on an over sensitive area for almost instant help
Good for sensitive teeth
I've used this toothpaste for a number of years to treat sensitive teeth. It works, and I can confidently recommend it. Would be nice to have it made in the blue gel form though, I am not a fan of 'white' toothpaste.
Love the fresh taste and works to reduce teeth sensitivity
Sensodyne repair and protect toothpaste
I decided to purchase this product in what I thought would be a vain attempt to alleviate the sudden tooth sensitivity I experienced. Much to my joy and relief after only two days most of the pain has been aleaveated. After a week of sleepless nights and almost willing to take a pair of pliers to my teeth I was more than satisfied with the result.Recomended.
Can't live with out this product it takes the sensitivity away immediately.
My dentist recommended this when I mentioned I had sensitive teeth and gum. Never experienced the sensitivity since using it.
I always use this toothpaste it is expensive but affective.
i love this product. leaves my teeth feeling clean. would recommend to everyone who suffers from sensitive teeth :)
I love this product! Of a winter`s morning I have particularly sensitive teeth
I have used Sensodyne for years and it definitely works the best to help treat tooth sensitivity. Highly reccomended.

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