4.1 5 0 11 11 Powerful clean with a refreshing citrus fragrance.
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Cheap product and does the job
Costs less than other lines. Doesn't have a smell to it tho.
I honestly thought these wouldn't be very good, but I was pleasantly surprised. They clean the dishes as well as the more expensive brand I usually use and they don't leave an overpowering scent on the dishes like the other brand does. I will be getting these again.
Not great
These tablets dissolved ok but dishes still smelled dirty. They are cheaper than most other tablets but not the best quality.
You get what you pay for
Thought I’d give these a go upon recommendation from friends. Shouldn’t of wasted my money. Tablet didn’t fully dissolve and left residue on glasses.
Brilliant and great value
I saw these on the shelf and thought I would give them a go as they were very affordable. Low and behold they are absolutely brilliant! They get everything nice and clean with a refreshing lemony scent. They are amazing value for their bargain price!
These are good
These are just as good as other versions but I did have 1 tablet that DID NOT fully dissolve in the dishwasher because it got stuck in the dispenser, which by the way was big enough to take the tablet, the dish's come out clean and sparkly and I see NO residue on anything, I would only ever use these hard tablets in the shine range, I did try the shine range of soft capsules that have the liquid in, but my kitchen got hot through the summer and when I went to use them, some had burst and leaked the liquid into the packet and then they stuck together, but other than that they still cleaned well.
Theses are great their just as good as the bigger brands but only alot cheaper
Good for the price
Worthy product for a cheaper price bracket. Needed to use it on a longer, hotter wash for maximum results.
Exceptional value!
Not only is this dishwasher product excellent value, I found that it cleaned both cutlery and crockery extremely well with the exception of glassware, leaving a slight film on the item(s). Nonetheless, I am very pleased with the product and it certainly compared favourably to the other leading brands. Definitely would recommend!
Good for the price
Good value and does a reasonable job. I did find it left my glasses slightly cloudy.
Great value
Have used product great value for money washes all dishes clean no streak marks left

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