3.5 5 0 123 123 Smith’s classic crinkle cut chips that we've all come to know and love get an American twist with the flavours of pulled pork! If the bag alone doesn’t entice you, just wait until you bite into one.
Smith's Chips American Pulled Pork
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I tried these a while back when they first come out I was attracted to the packaging and pork flavor. Nice crunchy fresh chips with a nice tasty pork flavor not to strong great product from a trusted brand
Pulled pork chips
These are some of the most tastiest chips I have had, very moorish, shame they only come in crinkle cut as thin cut osy preference
Quick snack.
The first time I saw this snack I thought to myself I have never heard of it before so I purchased it so see how it would taste like and ever since then I am shocked it's so delicious.
I. Cannot. Stop
These chips are so damn addictive! I adore the flavour! Once I open a bag I cannot resist & must eat the whole bag!
Nice Snack
I tried these when they first came out, they are a decent flavoured snack. It tasted a bit like BBQ.
Finger licking good!
These were quite nice while eating. Once the family were finished sampling we did have a bit of a finger licking session to get the last of the flavour off our fingers :-)
Love chips and love trying all the new flavours... was excited to try and found that, at first, they were delish and moorish - just like normal chips. After a little while though the flavouring had started to make me feel sick. would be good for parties as an alternative to the normal flavours.
Pulled pork chips
Tried these chips not a fan of the flavour even grankids who eat most flavours not keen
Not my thing
They are not my kind of taste but partner seems to like them.
different flavour option
I tried these, after really enjoying the Burrito variety. They were quite a pleasant surprise - not too overwhelming but packed a nice punch. I'll definitely buy them again.
Great chips
This is a great new taste for chips. I find them a bit addictive and hard to stop myself from eating the whole packet. It is hard to find in some shops though.
interesting taste
The taste is acceptable, but not really to my liking - other family members seem to like them
Pulled pork
These were ok tasted like bbq chips slight difference but not much. Kids liked them
So full of flavour. A must hide from the kids so you don't have to share.
Not very nice a flavour. But they're chips, so yum.

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