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Smith's Chips Orignal Thinly Cut
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Hubby’s First Choice
These chips are the first choice for my husband particularly. He will not commonly eat any others at all. The crunch, salt level and aroma make them very moorish.
My go to chip
Smiths chips are my go to chip brand. It’s good they are now selling a 75% less saturated fat option. They are still largely an unhealthy snack high in carbs and salt, so for me they are a once in a while snack rather than a regular snack. Not so so delicious.
Thin Chips
I much prefer eating the "Thin" chips and find these very satisfying
Great taste
These Smiths thins chips taste great you still get that same great taste and satisfaction eating Smiths chips.
Perfect chip
These have to be a favourite chip Can be eaten by themselves or added to something to improve your meal Such as adding to a sandwich which is something i have not done for a lot of years until recently and love it all over again
Yummy crunchy potato chips
These chips are tasty and crunchy and are the perfect anytime chips. They’re perfectly salty and taste light and crisp. They are not oily and I could easily eat the entire pack.
You can’t go wrong with these chips, they’re a classic. This is the first bag I reach for when I’m shopping for a party. Other brands can be too salty, too crisp (yes they hurt!), or they have that unpleasant greasy taste. These are the original and the best as far as I’m concerned.
Love these their the best salted Chips they are light crispy with perfect amount of salt they go so well with dip or eaten on their own but only down side is their soo addictive once you start you can't stop😂
Best tasting chips
I really enjoy these chips, they are perfectly thin and are not as fatty as another brand. The amount of salt is just right as well. I buy these every week to share with friends when they visit. Great for using in dips as well.
Great to share at a party.
I love a thin chip over a crinkle cut chip so much easier to eat. These chips are delicious definitely a party favourite it my house. They aren't at all greasy like some chips which I hate. And they have the perfect amount of salt and not too overpowering highly recommend these!
I really like this style of chip - thinly cut. The more thicker cut chips really cut my gums and make my mouth sore, I don't have that problem with these ones. I like that they are 75% less saturated fat, although to me that's not a selling point as I would only buy these as a treat. The salt flavour is perfect ratio, not too salty and the size of the chips is very consistent.
Crunchy and tasty
Smiths Thinly Cut Original is one of my favourites, it is super thin and crispy but not hard, very nice texture and taste. The amount of salt is perfect. I could easily finish it in one go.
Smith's Thinly Cut
I have to say I actually quite like these chips. For an original flavour they are tasty and they are exactly as they state, thin and crispy without the crinkle. Give them a go, great for a snack.
These are by far my favourite chip. Not oil, not too salty. Nice and crunchy. It's really satisfy to enjoy a chippy treat and not end up with oily hands. I would highly recommend this product.
One of my favourite brands. Great tasting chips, our whole family loves them.

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