1.8 5 0 86 86 Lamington chips...Fair Dinkum! It's the ultimate Aussie snacking mash up. As a bit of fun they asked their Smith's flavour team if they could make lamington flavoured chips. They actually did it and they think they're beaut!
Smiths Crinkle Cut Chips Lamington
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Not the best
I tried these a while ago.. can easily say lamingtons and potato chips don't make a good match!! Separate there amazing. Good job tho trying something different but maybe stick to normal mixes haha
Good Idea, Terrible Outcome
I was hoping these would be great as I love both chips and lamingtons, though, after trying these I can safely say that this is not a good combination - at least for my pallet. The flavour seems overwhelmingly fake and potato-y. That being said, I commend Smiths on giving it a crack.
Worst thing ive ever tried
I tried these for the novelty. I expected them to be pretty disgusting and they were nothing more than that. Lucky their cheap haha. If you decide to try these, don't get your hopes up. I must admit it was pretty cool seeing lamington chips.
Terrible combination
Lamingtons are delicious and so are potato chips, but putting them together is a horrible combination. It just doesn't mesh well and I did not enjoy eating them at all.
Well okay then...
What fresh hell is this...I thought I would just dive right in and probably hate these but I am a fan of salty sweet combinations. I am an ice cream chip swiper from way back but this took on a whole new perspective. It looks like a chip that's been kicked around the floor of a nursery and swept up into a bag. It smells like a lamington that's been left out in the sun for a week. It tastes like that same lamington has been sprinkled over a Smith's original that's been left on a table overnight in the remnants of a bbq bowl. Looks like a good idea at the time but really will be a mouthful of regret. I'll stick with the original flavours since they pair well with my usual swipe at sweetness.
Interesting flavour
Unique flavour for chips. Was Surprised that it was actually alright, not a favourite but okay.
What where they thinking ?
I saw these on the shelf and thought no but I have to try them. Wish I hadn’t, they where terrible, I tried and tried to see if they got any better through out the day but no they where still bad, these could possibly worse than the vegemite flavour Smiths tried one year, unfortunately I tried them too :-(
Eww. Just eeww
Okay so my kids will eat just about anything but even they thought these were disgusting. For 3 quartets of a chip packet to be sitting untouched in my house for a whole week means there BAD! I hated them also and my partner refused to even try them. Lamimgton should not be a chip! Leave a classic as it is.
Leave lamingtons in the cake shop
Curiosity got the better of me and I hunted these chips down so I could try them. Big disappointment. They had no flavour at all. I didn't finish the packet.
So Strange its good
Your apprehension was the same as mine. Lamington chips? REALLY?? LAMINGTON?? Let's be honest here, they certainly don't taste like Lamington at all... that's quite a stretch of the imagination... at best, it has more of a cocoa/chocolate flavour to them, which actually works well with the salty chips. In terms of flavour, yes, it's unusual, but before we knew it, we'd finished the packet. Would I buy them again, probably not, but they're certainly worth grabbing a pack when they're on sale and satisfying your own curiosity.
Lamington Chip
Not a fan of this product. It does taste like a lamington, but it just doesn't seem right. I won't be buying these again.
Why, why, why
Ok so i was intrigued,coconut, chocolate and potato. I should have stayed away. The flavours are great and you can taste each one however they should never have been mixed together. I guess its an aquired taste however not for me.
Interesting yet moreish
The oddest chips I've ever eaten. I could taste the coconut, I could taste the cocoa/chocolate and the sweetness with this odd flavour there too - and then you get the potato chip flavour underneath. It wasn't great, it was weird, yet I wanted to try another one and then another one. I don't know if it was because I was trying to figure out what was wrong with the chip or whether I liked it, but at the end of it, I'd say I wasn't a fan as I have no intention of ever buying them again.
Probably should have skipped this one :(
We were curious to see how this flavour would pan out and unfortunately it's one we won't eat again.
No no no no, no. Not enjoyable, a flavour that should not have been created

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