1.7 5 0 104 104 Lamington chips...Fair Dinkum! It's the ultimate Aussie snacking mash up. As a bit of fun they asked their Smith's flavour team if they could make lamington flavoured chips. They actually did it and they think they're beaut!
Smiths Crinkle Cut Chips Lamington
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Not Good
Impulse buy as I just HAD to try the flavour, of course, but pretty disappointed. I couldn’t say what they taste like but definitely not lamington. Wouldn’t buy them again, and didn’t finish the packet.
No, just no!
This had the makings of a nice sweet and salty combination, however, it didnt pull it off, they were un-edible
Doesn't work for me
Tasted like lamington, but couldn't taste any coconut or saltyness to it. It just didn't work, maybe too sweet. It needed something but i can't put my finger on it, maybe the jam
not a fan
I tried these lamington flavor chips and was very disappointed they had a strange taste to them not like lamington at all I only had a couple and tossed the rest. Smiths are a well known quality brand and have many tasty choices but this is not one of them
I was really excited to try these but was left super disappointed. Was not nice at all and left a weird after taste. Will not be buying again and would defiantly not recommend this flavour.
It's controversial but don't overthink
The packaging looked tempting and disgusting at the same time. The curiosity won me over and I had a snack size. The first 2 bites were super weird, however, I did enjoy it after and continued to finish the pack. I would buy it again but it won't be my first choice. I would love to buy it and make others try without telling them what flavour it is.
Wrong taste combinations
Tried these because I like lamingtons and chips, but combined the flavour was not good. Maybe a little more salt would offset the chocolate flavour, but probably wouldn’t try again
Did not enjoy this at all. Not a good way to combine salty and sweet. Miss
I’ve tried these twice now and I’m still not sure if I love them or hate them. It’s definitely a strange flavour combination. I’m sure they were going for a salty and sweet thing, but not sure if the coconut and chocolate flavour works in with that too. Fun to try though
Weird.... but still kind of nice
A sweet potato chip was hard to process, and whilst I wouldn’t buy them again, if there was a bowl at a party I’d still have a handful.
Worst flavour yet
They killed the potato had to buy and try but was a terrible combinations of flavoring
Shouldn’t mix these flavours
I love Lamingtons and I love Smiths chips but together - no! The taste is just wrong and I couldn’t eat more than the first mouthful, the taste is hard to explain but just not good at all.
not the best
I tried it once and I didn't like it. You just don't mix chips and lamington
I couldn't get the disgusting taste out of my mouth! There are just some things that shouldn't be made into a savoury snack.
Should be illegal
I'm all for food mash-ups, but this one is an absolute assault on the taste buds. Really not a good blend to try and mix savoury and sweet in a chip. Poor combo choice and should go in the bin.

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