2 5 0 57 57 Lamington chips...Fair Dinkum! It's the ultimate Aussie snacking mash up. As a bit of fun they asked their Smith's flavour team if they could make lamington flavoured chips. They actually did it and they think they're beaut!
Smiths Crinkle Cut Chips Lamington
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No good
Lamingtons and potato’s shouldn’t be in the same sentence let alone the same food
Doesn't taste right. I used to like lamington but not the chips
The only one that likes them
I loved these! Even though no one else in my family did. They were the perfect mix of salty and sweet and had the hint of lamington flavour. I would buy again but only if they did a smaller pack, I HAD to eat them all lol
I really wanted to like these but their just a little bit too odd..... they do actually taste chocolate-y like a lamington but the fact it’s on a chip just confused my brain. I thought there may have been a little bit of the salty chip flavoured combined with the lamington taste but there wasn’t....it was just kinda flat and weird.....
Name sake only taste
If you go into it, not thinking of what it should taste like. You’ll most likely be ok with the flavour. It’s sweet you can taste the coconut and the chocolate. Yes I’ll recommend to give it a go you might be surprised
And thats a no.
Eat nearly the whole bag to get the taste in your mouth and then regret doing it. These gimmick flavoured chips never seem to work.
They tasted like a finger lamington and a plain salted chip shoved together in your mouth without that soft texture of lamington.
Bizarre tasting
These chips are just bizarre! The initial taste is not pleasant, but the after taste was okay - even a little moreish!
I can see where they were going but wouldn’t recommend
These were a really nice try creativity wise however the taste is too unusual (leaves you to think it’s more on the worse side) and the mix just does not satisfy in any way. I gave 2 stars because I think the creativity really intrigued people but more in the laughable way and another star because the taste is very accurate but the choice of these two is gross.
The worst taste I have ever tried
The worst taste I have ever tried. I love chips a lot and my taste can be specific for some people but this product is so bad that I can't even explain it with the words. I would recommend rid them off and pretend it never existed.
Strange idea, weird execution
While I found the idea of a lamington chip to be an amusing concept, the actual taste of the chip was disgusting. It's almost exactly what you would expect, a baked slice of potato surrounded by a cheap imitation of chocolate and coconut but that combo is a nightmare for the tastebuds. It's a novelty idea that is good for exactly one joke, namely "Someone spent money trying to make a potato chip taste like a cake", forgetting that the combination doesn't work. Not even worth getting for the joke of it, just a bad idea in general.
WOW!!!!! WHAT THE???!!! Whoever invented this chip flavour is SOOOOOOOOOOOO SMART!!!! You got it right!!!!! I LOVE SMITHS CHIPS & I LOVE LAMINGTONS!!! YUM YUM!!!
Kinda weird
The flavour was a bit weird because I tasted the jam more at first and then the coconut but it was a slight sweetness, then I just tasted plain potato chip in the end.
Sweet Sour
Very surprised but yes there is a taste of lamingtons in there. Still deciding about sweet crisps...mmm
Strange, but not awful! If I liked the coconut taste, they would have been much more pleasant for me. But they weren't too bad!

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