4.2 5 0 125 125 Smith's Poppables Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream has less than 100 calories per serve. Perfectly poppable crispy potato bites.
Smith's Poppables Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream
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love these
great tasting and fun chips kids love them will buy again
Crunch in every bite
Mildly flavoured, cheese chips that I loved! They were both crisp and light. They were also low in calories too, which is always a consideration.
Love the texture!
My kids and I first tried Poppables in the USA, and we absolutely love them! When we saw they were available here in Australia, my kids were very happy. We buy them whenever we see them at our Coles. We love the texture and the flavours, they're great! :D
Great crunchy snack to go with any drink. Once you start, it is hard to stop. Great flavour
Once you pop you can’t stop!
Truly addictive. A nice flavoursome crunch. From the moment of opening this bag, I couldn’t wait to taste what was inside. The smell was captivating yet not too strong and the flavour matched.
These are some of the best Crisps/chips around! They are so yummy and light. I eat the whole bag, which is no recommended but what the hell they are yummy! I would recommend for a party!
Simply Delicious
This is so amazing, first I thought it will be no different from the other chips, but they are so light, crunchy and melt in your mouth and oh not to forget addictive!!!
soft but crunchy
I love these new poppables they are light and fluffy but crunchy at the same time. Great tasting and hard to stop at a handful. I ate the whole pack in one go as I couldn't stop myself LOL. Would definitely buy again and recommend you give them a try. Will be trying the other flavours too. Another great Smiths product.
Very tasty chips. Not at all greasy and very light. A guilt free snack.
Something Different
These Poppables remind me of something I had as a child. They are light and airy with plenty of flavour. I really enjoyed them as a different snack.
Great new fun snack
I really enjoyed the poppable snack - full of flavour and crispier than I anticipated them being which was a pleasant surprise. Good coating on f flavouring too - highly recommended.
Tasty and crunchy
Poppables are tasty and deliciously flavourful and crunchy. Once you start it’s hard to stop. Absolutely loved them, they will definitely be a regular- it’s a pity they aren’t in a multipack as it was hard to stop.
Great for snacks
I loved these so tasty and crunchy but not hard crunchy sort of puffy and crunchy. Would buy again as tasted great. I love them the way they are so no improvement needed. Recommend you all try them you'll like them I am sure.
way tooooo yummy a change from crisps. not so sure i have tried this flavour but the ones i tried were really nice.
Would rather have normal chips
The texture of these are interesting but the flavour is not as good as other sweet chilli chips. I would prefer normal chips over the poppables

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